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Incredible Video Shows Giant Plane Made Of 800 Drones Floating Through Sky

Incredible Video Shows Giant Plane Made Of 800 Drones Floating Through Sky

The eerie scene was part of a demonstration at this year's Nanchang Flight Convention

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Incredible footage has been captured showing a giant plane floating through the sky in China.

In theory, this might not sound all that strange, but this is no ordinary aircraft - it was made up of hundreds of drones which joined to form its outline.

Around 800 drones were sent up into the sky as part of a demonstration during this year's Nanchang Flight Convention, an industry-led event which shows off the latest advances in the country's aviation, space and travel sector.

The bizarre choreographed display - which also saw the army of drones merge to create the outline of a helicopter and a jet - rounded off the festival of tech.

At one point, the drones formed two large airliners mirroring each other, with one turned upside down while the other hovered above it.

The impressive display was filmed during the close of the 2019 Nanchang Flight Convention.
New China TV

Over the course of the convention, more than 100 types of aircraft from China and other countries were on show, including biplanes and more modern fighter jets.

During the opening ceremony for the event, Yin Meigen, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee, said it was the first flight convention of this level to be held in the region.

According to reports, Yin said the point of the convention is to promote the rapid development of the Nanchang aviation industry, as well as helping boost national strides being made in the sector.

He went on to say that the event would also bolster Nanchang's growing reputation for aviation research and development and progress being made in Jiangxi's aircraft industry.

Over the past few years, the development and use of drones has been rapid. And while there are numerous positives that come with them, such as blood delivery, rescue assistance and disaster relief, former Royal Marine sniper Aldo Kane knows there is also a malicious side - whether they're under the control of rogue hobbyists or determined terrorist attacks.

Aldo Kane says drones can be a force for good, despite some of the negative uses.

However, despite their dangers, he said they're a fact of life and a 'good thing'.

Speaking to LADbible, Aldo said: "The world will be changing whether we like it or not with regards to unmanned aerial vehicles. Really it's about drones, drone warfare, how they're used, how we can protect ourselves and what protection we have in the UK already.

"I think that drones are: a) here to stay and b) regardless of all the bad press, there's actually many, many more good things that come from drones and they're being used for delivering blood out in Africa which is amazing, they're being used for mountain rescue, for disaster relief so there's so many things that they can help with and help with already so for me they're here to stay and they're a good thing."

Featured Image Credit: New China TV

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