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Military Camouflage Developer Unveils Incredible Invisibility Cloak

Military Camouflage Developer Unveils Incredible Invisibility Cloak

This is some serious magic.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

The idea of invisibility has been toyed with in a bunch of movies and TV shows.

Whether it's Harry Potter's invisibility cloak that allows him to walk around the halls of Hogwarts undetected or James Bond's setting on his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish in Die Another Day - it's always fun to see what life could be like with this magic or technology.

But, we might not have to wait much longer.

A Canadian military camouflage developer has unveiled its 'invisibility' technology and it's seriously impressive.

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp has been developing four patents over nearly a decade and the main product is essentially a thin sheet that can bend light, leaving the person or thing standing behind it virtually invisible.

Chief Executive and President Guy Cramer has told LADbible: "I'm excited to finally be able to speak about something that I haven't been able to for the last nine years and while I have a passion for my work I'm both excited and concerned for the different uses that will be employed moving forward.

"My first choice was to keep quiet about the technology and allow only allied forces access but with the release of the patents, everyone can access how to reproduce it and that's not necessarily a good thing."

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp

Guy recognises that this product could be dangerous.

"It didn't take long for me to anticipate the nightmare scenarios that this material could offer a rogue nation, a terrorist cell or even the criminal element," he wrote on his site.

But you're wondering how he has managed to produce the results you see in the video above, we'll let him explain how the technology works.

"I've capitalised on the effect that makes a straw look bent in a glass of water," Guy tells us.

"It is simply the refraction of light and the material I've used is called a lenticular lens which can be found on movie posters and children's books to make a flat image appear three dimensional as you move back and forth.

"I've modified the material across 13 different versions to provide unique optical properties which can hide a target such as a person, a military vehicle, a fighter jet, a ship, submarine or building invisible across the visible, ultraviolet, infrared and thermal spectrum."

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp

In addition to the sheet that hides anything behind it, Guy has also used the material to build a shield that is also very effective in disguising someone.

The first patent is the Quantum Stealth, which is what you've seen above; followed by Solar Panel Amplifier, which provides 'more than triple the output of an equal thin film control panel'; the third patent is a 'Display System', which is capable of producing holographic-like images like the Star Trek holodeck; and the final is a Laser Scattering, Deviation and Manipulation, which can be applied to other technology that already use lasers.

There's no word on when we could see this in the real world, but there's no doubt that this is pretty cool.

Featured Image Credit: Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp

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