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10-year-old’s maths exam question has left adults completely baffled

10-year-old’s maths exam question has left adults completely baffled

Adults are quite simply stumped by the question

A child's exam question has left grown-ups completely dumbfounded.

But honestly - what I would give to be back in school - playing football in your breaks, trading your toys in the playground and the only thing you had to worry about was beating your mate on Fifa.

Although a couple things I don't miss are homework and exams.

A Grade 5 (which is equivalent to Year 6 in the UK) maths question recently shared on Reddit has left adults confused as it asks students to figure out how many pages are in a book.

“Klein read 30 pages of a book on Monday and one eighth of the book on Tuesday,” the question read.

“He completed the remaining quarter of the book on Wednesday. How many pages are there in the book?”

Many were utterly baffled by the question, with one person commenting: “And now we can all see why Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? worked as a game show.”

A child's exam question has left grown-ups completely dumbfounded.

Another added: “Today I learned I would fail fifth grade math.”

While a third person ranted: “I always think to my self ‘Ugh. People should really be tested with basic skills before they’re allowed to go out into society’.

“And then I see this and realise I shouldn’t go out into society LOL!”

Notably, not everyone thought the question was that difficult - I was not one of these people.

“Not to be rude, but what is interesting about this,” one said.

“It looks just like any other math problem that I’ve done in 5th grade.”

Long gone are the days where we would be struggling to answer a maths question - or so we thought.
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It seems to have taken a person with a PhD in engineering, with a focus on applied mathematics, to answer the dreaded question.

They assumed that if Klein started the book on Monday, you divide 30 pages by five to see how much one eighth is worth, with the answer being six.

You then do eight times six which equals 48 - and this is the correct answer.

Well, a couple years back, there was one exam question which went viral for all the wrong reasons.

People were fuming with the exam question one person shared on Twitter, which read: "There's something that you spent time studying that wasn't asked on the exam.

"What is it and how does it work? Explain in detail."

For those students who rationed out their revision, it would have been an actual nightmare.

This exam question went viral for all the wrong reasons.

One user wrote: "Unfairly biased toward very confident and persuasive children who will be happy to make anything they've done fit.

"The more analytical and scientific would lose out with this, unless of course they have genuinely studied something else in depth."

Another agreed: "I absolutely hated questions like this because it assumed that I studied something in-depth, when what I actually did was read through all the lecture slides to make sure that the knowledge I learned during lecture was fresh in my mind."

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