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Adorable Clip Shows Group Of Ducks Changing Their Minds When They Step Out In Snow

Adorable Clip Shows Group Of Ducks Changing Their Minds When They Step Out In Snow

A little bit colder than you thought, guys?

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

An adorable video doing the rounds on social media shows a group of ducks going outside into the snow before quickly having a change of heart and heading straight back inside.

I think they seem like pretty smart ducks, to be fair.

The funny clip shows dozens of ducks waddling outside before seemingly feeling the winter chill and going straight back into the warm.

The video has been a big hit on Twitter, where it's had thousands of views and attracted plenty of comments from animal-lovers.

Responding to the clip, one person wrote: "I loved how they all stopped, had a lil' meeting and collectively decided 'nope'."


Someone else observed: "Ducks can admit they're wrong and change their minds."

Another said: "You can actually hear them quack, 'WTAF?' before they turn around."

While someone else joked: "They might have wanted to go outside for just a few seconds from the very beginning. Y'all don't know if they actually changed their minds at all."

Now, if sweet and wholesome content is your thing, then you may also be interested in this very lovely clip of a cat accompanying his owner to class.

Pretty cute, eh?

Speaking to Mail Online, owner Wen said little Ba Dun wouldn't let her leave home without him, so she took him in with her.

Wen explained: "I was running late for my class. I couldn't bear letting him down, so I brought him with me to the classroom."

Seems like the logical thing to do if you ask me.

While Ba Dun was hiding in her desk, the student captured the scene, with the little cat lying there, trying to keep his presence on the down low and remain undetected.

She added: "He was being really good and didn't make any sounds."

Uni student Wen said Ba Dun's hiding skills were perfect and his presence was only revealed later when the clip went viral, picking up millions of views.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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