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Aussie Cops Throw 600kg Croc Into Jail For Eating Dogs In Northern Territory

Aussie Cops Throw 600kg Croc Into Jail For Eating Dogs In Northern Territory

It's now been taken away for captive breeding.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

What do you do when a massive crocodile terrorises your neighbourhood, kills animals and scares the locals?

Well, cops in Australia's Northern Territory have decided that jail time is the best method. That'll teach that crafty croc whose boss.

The 600kg monster was caught in the community of Wurrumiyanga on the Tiwi Islands. Police threw him in a jail cell before animal handlers were able to transport him for captive breeding.

Matt Wright

TV Outback Wrangler Matt Wright was involved in the process, telling Channel 9: "He's been stalking and hunting people. He's been eating all the dogs. I think he's eaten a couple a day there at one stage.

"You've got kids and everyone swimming there so it was only a matter of time before that croc, being a problem croc, was going to eat someone."

Hundreds of people reportedly came to the site where the 4-metre crocodile was captured.

Crocodylus Park owner Grahame Webb said: "You've got to remember our population has gone back to what it was. We've got a lot of crocs, they're all over the place.

"In the end, it's the people that are really important."


It comes only a few days after an absolute beast of an alligator found in a ditch in the US.

Photos of the giant gator, which also measured 4m (13ft) were shared online but many people thought it was hoax, due to its mind-blowing size.

But now the wildlife biologist Brent Howze has confirmed that it was definitely real and definitely bloody huge.

Georgia's Department for Natural Resources

The alligator was found in an irrigation ditch by a local resident near Lake Blackshear in Georgia who reported it to authorities.

When Howze and the team arrived they were expecting to find it to be no more than 3m (10ft) in length, but when they finally got it out and measured it they found it had a chest girth of a whopping 1.5m (4'9ft) and weighed 317kg (700lbs).

Howze, who works for Georgia's Department of Natural Resource, told the Cordele Dispatch: "Apparently a lot of people think it's fake, but I can assure you that it is not.

"I'm the one in the picture, and you can probably tell that I didn't get too close to it.

"It took a while to get it out of that ditch. It was bigger than we originally anticipated and we had to use heavy equipment to move it."

You would not want to come across this bad boy on your morning run.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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