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Dog Left Bright Blue For Days After Rolling Around In Paint

Dog Left Bright Blue For Days After Rolling Around In Paint

Even two baths didn't shift the colour

An adorable pooch was left bright blue for days after she rolled about in some paint - and when I say 'bright blue', I do mean, 'bright blue', check her out:

Deadline News

Bessie ended up a rather fetching shade of turquoise after rolling across a freshly painted canvas that was lying out to dry and the colour would not budge, despite two baths, leaving her blue for nearly four days.

Owner Sacha Barbato, 49, said the dog drew some 'funny looks' from strangers thanks to the Bedlington-Whippet cross's funky new look.

Sacha, a travel agent who lives in Brandiston, Norfolk, posted snaps of his cute dog on social media asking for help with the unusual situation.

Sharing a photo of Bessie, he wrote: "What do you do when your dog rolls in some acrylic paint and it will not come out after two washes? Asking for a friend."

Deadline News

The post quickly racked up almost 10,000 likes and plenty of comments, but as you can imagine, Sacha and Bessie didn't get much help offered - most people just took the p*ss.

One person wrote: "Dip him in again and use as you would a roller."

Another suggested: "Pretend you've created a new breed and start selling the puppies?" I'd buy one.

Others said the photos of the dog had made their day - see, Bessie was just spreading a little happiness when it's so sorely needed.

Sacha's neighbour later told him that the paint the dog had rolled in was 'oil-based' so it was likely to stick around for a few days.

Looking on the bright side, Bessie is fine.

Speaking yesterday Sacha said: "Bessie is happy and well.

"I have spoken to the vet and all is okay, no concerns and it is fading."

Deadline News

And in an update today he said it was slowly starting to disappear, Sacha added: "She was bright blue for two days but faded each day.

"Day one was extreme as in the first shot which went viral. The family took her to the beach and apparently had lots of funny looks.

"You can imagine everyone thinking, 'poor dog, why would they do that?' But we could not leave her at home, so we had to just style it out and roll with it.

"Bessie is well and absolutely fine."

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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