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Snake Appears In Murky Water As Man Feeds Fish - Man Runs Away

Snake Appears In Murky Water As Man Feeds Fish - Man Runs Away

Fair enough, I'd have probably ran too

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A man did the sensible thing and ran away after a snake appeared next to his hand as he was feeding some fish. You can watch the video below:

Now, what's rule number one with murky water? That's right, you do not go in it. Not even a finger, 'cause lord knows what's lurking under there.

But this bloke decided he wanted to hand-feed some fish directly and film the process (I don't know why).

All was going swimmingly (budum-tisssss) until seemingly out of nowhere a great big snake cruised into picture, prompting the man to rapidly remove his hand from the water and flee the scene.

He subsequently posted the video on Reddit with the caption 'Rattlesnakes can swim btw', and it has received almost 35,000 upvotes.

However, the comments section has subsequently become some kind of serpent society forum, with many people reckoning that the snake in question isn't actually a rattlesnake.

One person said: "Just a common water snake. Dudes are chill, they seem to like to hang around when I fish.

"Common water snakes are not venomous and pose danger to no one. They are not water moccasins, copperhead, or rattlesnakes, but are often killed by people who think they are."

Another added: "Either way your reaction was correct.

"Rattlesnakes may not be adept for water but in the southern climate copper heads and cotton mouths sure are and they are venomous. Don't risk it."

A third commented: "It's a diamondback water snake. Not to be mistaken with the diamondback rattlesnake which has more distinct patterns."

Whatever the hell it is, I think if a snake suddenly appears very near your hand then you are within your rights to run away immediately.

Yeah I'd have ran too.

The mystery fish-feeding man is also right in saying that rattlesnakes can swim; indeed, a more interesting question posed by one Reddit user is whether there are 'any snakes that can't swim?' Of course water snakes and sea snakes can, but what about the rest?

You would think surely if one kind of snake can swim then they all can, unless maybe the really massive ones are too heavy too swim?

Well, there's only one way to find out for sure - and it seems pretty cruel/dangerous. So rather than gathering one of every snake in the world and dropping them in a swimming pool for some kind of bizarre Reddit-inspired experiment, let's all just assume going forward that they can and not f*ck about sticking our limbs in murky water.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/fevertheme

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