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Drinks Are Free In What Could Be The Smallest Bar In The World

Drinks Are Free In What Could Be The Smallest Bar In The World

But only three people can fit in The Wee Bar at a time...

A red phone box was set to be taken apart by BT, so David Wilson put down £1 and bought it. Bargain.

Phone boxes are known for a lot of things - it's where Clark Kent rips off his clothes to become Superman, where postcards of naked ladies offering a good time pile up like leaves in autumn, and usually where people take a piss when they're drunk. No one uses them for actually making a phone call.

Mostly because the phone cords have been pulled out but hey ho, we've all got mobile phones these days.

So hotel owner David Wilson made the innovative choice to turn the phone box into The Wee Bar.

Credit: South West News Service

It's at the bottom of David and his wife Clare's business the Kilberry Inn, a small boutique restaurant with rooms in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

The unusual pop-up bar is serving G&Ts for free for all the guests at Kilberry Inn - and boy, are they enjoying it.

"It would have cost me £400 to £500 per year to keep a functional telephone in it. So I decided to convert it," explained David.

"In one iteration it was a whisky bar and we served local whiskies. But change is good so we've now set it up as a gin bar.

"We serve Isle of Harris gin, Kintyre gin and gin from the Isle of Jura.

"Who knows what kind of pub it'll be next. I like to keep it looking traditional."

Yes, David, keeping a gin bar in a telephone box at the bottom of your garden is totally traditional.

Credit: South West News Service

As its so small - only three people can fit into the phone booth, sorry The Wee Bar, at a time.

So David is thinking of letting The Guinness Book of World Records know - it has to be the smallest pub in the world.

And that's not its only claim to fame. "We've held the world's smallest concert inside it - three musicians got in and played a wee song. Jimmy's Balloon were the band who played. They did a local wedding before the concert in the phone booth," said David.

That's right, it's not just a pub, it's also a concert space. Although there wasn't any room for the audience...

David isn't worried about people coming in and drinking all his gin (that would be my worry for an unlocked gin bar).

"We're in such a rural area that we don't have to worry about theft or vandalism. The gins are free because the only people who go inside are already Kilberry Inn paying customers. It's a wee treat for our customers," he said.

All I heard was free gin.

Despite owning a gin bar at the bottom of his garden, David hasn't gone on the razzle dazzle yet. "I've had a fair few drinks inside it myself but I've never got drunk inside the booth... yet," he said.

Wait til you get the call from the Guinness Book of Records.

Featured Image Credit: South West News Service

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