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Woman Explains How She Fell In Love With A Homeless Man In Amsterdam

Woman Explains How She Fell In Love With A Homeless Man In Amsterdam

Emmy Abrahamson was waiting for a friend in Amsterdam when Vic Kocula approached her and asked for the time

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Depending on where you live, you might walk past a few homeless people on your commute to work or during a stroll through the city. While some of us might chuck some spare change their way or even buy them a meal, many people would admit they're unlikely to go any further than that.

But one Swedish woman took it to the next level and ended up marrying a homeless man she met while in Amsterdam.

As they explained on This Morning, Vic Kocula was sleeping on the streets in the Dutch city in 2006 when he sat next to Emmy Abrahamson and asked her what time it was. The 41-year-old thought it was a bit 'cheesy' that he asked her that particular question considering there was a big clock sitting in front of them.

The Swedish woman suspected he was homeless and she recalled him being dirty and with long hair and beard.

Despite his unhygienic appearance, however, they struck up a conversation - during which, Emmy said, she got absolutely lost in his 'beautiful brown eyes'. Vic added that he was drawn to her that day because she looked 'so comfortable by herself'.

The former homeless man explained he had ended up on the streets after a backpacking trip went wrong.

ITV/This Morning

He told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: "I ran out of money earlier than I expected to, but I hadn't done everything I wanted to do during the trip. So I said I'd do it without any money.

"The wheels fell off. The alcoholism kicked in heavy and it was such a gradual turn that all of a sudden, I realised, 'Oh my god - I'm a homeless alcoholic.'

Clearly, they had chemistry. But when Emmy had to leave, Vic made a bold move and said to her: "Saturday. 3 o'clock. The same bench."

Sure enough, they met that next Saturday (Vic was 20 minutes late and arrived on a kid's bike) and spent the day together. Emmy went home to Vienna and Vic managed to save up a few Euros and hopped on a train to meet her.

ITV/This Morning

The 41-year-old encouraged her new love to find what he wanted to do with his life and Vic worked hard to become a mechanical engineer.

They eventually got married in a castle - not too shabby - before producing twins.

The happy couple are encouraging people not to judge others based on their appearance or where they're from - who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning

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