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Michael Buble's Son Is Reportedly 'Free From Cancer'

Michael Buble's Son Is Reportedly 'Free From Cancer'

Michael Buble's son's cancer is reportedly 'gone', according to his aunt.

Argentinian journalist, Tomas Dente, took to a morning TV programme and read a note from Noah's aunt, Daniela Lopilato.


He said: "I'm going to read word for word what Daniela told me because I don't want to miss out even a comma.

"She tells me, 'Yes, Noah is recovering and we're very happy that's the case.

"His parents will speak when they want to do so."

He added: "There's a sentence which I think is wonderful and has to do with the information a colleague of mine had received and I insist there's no official confirmation because Noah's parents haven't spoken but in principle the youngster is on the mend.


"The sentence is, 'The cancer has gone.'"

Other sources close to Michael and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, have seemingly confirmed the news.

However, Daniela Tweeted last night. She didn't deny the news but seemed to distance herself from the reports: 'Don't use my name in the media with information and things that I haven't said. Noah is doing well and his parents will speak when they want to.'

Late last year, Daniela spoke to Argentinian magazine Gente about the cancer diagnosis. She said: "If God wanted it to be discovered that way, it's because he wants to save Noah. Cancer is a horrible illness but we have faith in Noah being able to overcome this.

"We know he will. The time to start a long and very difficult treatment has come but it's got to be done. They say children are normally strong to put up with chemotherapy and my nephew is a warrior."

Michael and Luisana released a statement after the diagnosis, which read: "We are devastated about the recent cancer diagnosis of our oldest son, Noah, who is currently undergoing treatment in the US. We have always been very vocal about the importance of family and the love we have for our children.

"Luisana and I have put our careers on hold in order to devote all our time and attention to helping Noah get well. At this difficult time, we ask only for your prayers and respect for our privacy. We have a long journey in front of us and hope that with the support of family, friends and fans around the world, we will win this battle, God willing."

According to Macmillan, 82 percent of children with cancer survive thanks to new treatment methods and quicker diagnosis.

If you have further questions or worries about how cancer can affect children, the Macmillan page has plenty of useful resources, which can be found here.

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