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Bus driver pleads with passengers to stop making same mistake when ringing bell

Bus driver pleads with passengers to stop making same mistake when ringing bell

You might be inadvertently winding up your bus driver with this common mistake

A bus driver has issued a plea to passengers about using the bell to let them know that you want to get off the bus.

Yep - like most aspects of British life, it turns out there’s some etiquette surrounding bus disembarkation and if you’re regularly ignoring it then you’re most likely doing the driver’s head in.

I’m sure I don’t need to, but let me break it down for you - when you know your stop is approaching, you should press the little ‘ding’ button to let the bus driver know you want them to stop.

In general, bus drivers would prefer it if folks gave them a decent advanced warning so they’re not having to slam on the brakes.

When you’ve hit the button - which you should press once and once only - and heard the ‘ding’ you can stay in your seat and wait for the bus to come to a stop, although plenty of people use this time to awkwardly clamber to the front while the bus is still in motion.

That's how it's supposed to go, one informative 'ding' with plenty of advance warning and then a graceful disembarkation at your preferred stop, obviously stopping to say some variation of 'thanks' or 'cheers, mate' to the driver, but things don't always work out quite so smoothly.

Ring the bell once, the bus driver heard you the first time and even if they didn't they still know you pressed it.

Unfortunately some passengers like ringing the bell over and over again as though each press of the button is going to dispense you free chocolate and it really gets on the nerves of some drivers.

One driver took to TikTok to explain that pushing the button multiple times was really unnecessary and anyone who thought they were ensuring their driver heard them properly was making a mistake.

First off they probably heard the 'ding' noise and secondly bus driving TikToker Amy revealed that when you ring the bell an icon of a bell lights up on their dashboard so they know you want to get off.

She said there was 'no need' to keep on ringing the bell as 'we know you want to be off at the next stop', urging passengers making this mistake 'don't panic'.

Instead you ought to be able to relax in your hideously-patterned seat safe in the knowledge that your desire to disembark would soon be fulfilled.

The bell goes ding, the light goes ping and the driver now knows you want to stop.

People found this little dashboard light quite fascinating to learn about, saying they 'wanted to know this' while one person said they liked travelling on a snazzy bus which also spoke aloud the words 'stop requested' when you pressed the button.

Someone else admitted they kept pressing the button all the time because they 'just like the noise' while another said their anxiety would have them worrying the driver 'didn't see it'.

Another commenter revealed this had actually happened to them, with their bus going for four more stops before the driver realised and sheepishly apologised that they 'didn't see the bell'.

However, plenty of other commenters wanted to know 'why does my bus driver always miss my stop?', with a few saying their drivers didn't pull over to let them out unless they made a real noise.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@its_just_amy300

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