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Car colour most likely to be involved in car crash has been revealed

Car colour most likely to be involved in car crash has been revealed

Researchers suggest some drivers 'want to be at the centre of attention'

Yellow car! The essential road trip game. If you’re not calling that out the second you see one, you’re just simply not doing it properly.

Yeah sure, it’s not on the highway code, but it’s an unofficial rule of the road.

And it’s probably the only time people pay attention to the colour of cars – other than when you’re trying to figure out which Uber is yours perhaps.

But it turns out that apparently there’s actually a specific car colour that’s the most likely to be involved in a car crash.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), us Brits love a good grey car, with it being the favourite colour for six years now.

Black and white unsurprisingly came in at second and third for the top car colours of 2023.

Turns out certain coloured cars are more likely to be in an accident.
Jung Getty/Getty Images

But none of those are the most likely colour to be caught up in an accident on the roads, according to a previous study by carVertical.

The company found that brown is actually the most dangerous colour, noting that 51 percent of vehicles checked on its platform had been in an accident.

The experts suggested: “While brown car drivers prefer reliability, luxury, and comfort, this doesn’t protect them from getting into accidents.”

Brown certainly isn’t a popular choice of whip either, as it didn’t even make the SMMT’s list of top 10 colours last year.

And not only causing a load of Brits to get a punch in the arm when they’re spotted on the roads, turns out yellow cars are listed as second most likely to get into an accident.

Bad news for yellow car drivers.
Marin Tomas/Getty Images

The research found that 50.6 percent of all yellow vehicles checked on carVertical had damage records.

Experts noted: “Drivers who choose yellow cars want to be at the centre of attention. Since they’re full of energy, they may be stepping on the gas pedal too much.”

That’s pretty closely followed by red at 49.8 percent, which the study points is a popular colour for sports cars, along with yellow, and therefore ‘suggests more speed and risk’.

White and grey cars were found to be less likely to be in an accident, at 44.5 percent and 44.7 percent.

The researchers gave a bit of a slam to those who like a brighter colour car as the study reads: “In reality, this, again, probably tells us more about the kind of cars that come in bright colours and their drivers, than it does about the colours themselves.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty stock images

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