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75p household item that will stop car windows steaming up this winter

75p household item that will stop car windows steaming up this winter

The days of impatiently waiting for your windows to defog could be over

Sitting and waiting for your car windows to defog when you're in a rush is like a form of torture for most motorists.

If you've had to scrape the ice off the windscreen too, it's generally quite a rubbish start to the day.

But there is a hack that can save you from at least one of these ordeals - and it will cost you as little as 74p. Have a look here:

It's a small price to pay to stop your blood pressure shooting up while you impatiently wait for the heater to de-mist the windows.

Waiting for the condensation to clear is not only a nuisance, it's a necessity.

Driving with a steamed up windscreen or windows is actually illegal, because it is obstructing your vision of the road.

So take note of this tip to ensure you're on the right side of the law and not running late as the winter months roll in.

It was shared on TikTok by cleaning gurus Pam and Gayle, who go by @organisedhousewives on social media.

They claim you can only need a couple of household items to follow their cheap method.

The duo captioned the clip showing off their top tip: "How to keep the inside of your car windows steam free".

The cheap and cheerful hack should stop your windows from steaming up.

One of the ladies can be seen pouring a small amount of washing up liquid onto a microfibre cloth.

After adding a small amount of the unbranded soap, they then began wiping it across their car window.

Obviously, the cleaners buffed it out to make sure there were no streaks or marks, before then leaving the excess to dry.

Apparently, it stops the warm moist air - which causes the fogginess on your windows - from sticking to the cold surface.

You're also killing two birds with one stone and making them sparkling clean in the process.

This also means any moisture in the air will now be unable to cling to any dirt on the windows too.

Pour some washing up liquid on a cloth and buff it onto your windows.

You can pick up a bottle of washing up liquid for as little as 74p at Lidl - so, what are you waiting for?

Social media users were more than grateful for the de-misting advice as it's becoming a daily occurrence again for drivers.

One said: "I am soooo going to try that. I've YouTubed the hell out of it and NOTHING has worked so far."

Another wrote: "Omg my car is the worst for steaming up inside! I'm going to try this."

A third added: "That's a coach driver/lorry driver trick, us old schoolers. Shaving foam will do the same."

Motorbike riders said they had long been using a similar technique for their helmets, while others also claimed it works on glasses and swim goggles.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock/Organised House Wives/TikTok/organisedhousewives

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