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Chocolate lover furious after finding just one nut in his bar of Dairy Milk Wholenut

Ali Condon

| Last updated 

Chocolate lover furious after finding just one nut in his bar of Dairy Milk Wholenut

I know we're in the midst of a cost of living crisis, but depriving a man of his nuts is one step too far.

Dublin man Matt O'Baoill was gobsmacked, bamboozled, and horrified when he opened up his bar of Dairy Milk Wholenut to find that there was but one nut inside.


After venturing out into the harsh outdoors to go all the way to his local Spar and picking up a delicious Cadbury treat for his girlfriend, Matt was left horrified by what they found inside - or rather, what they didn't find.


As all Cadbury fans will know, you can detect the nut to chocolate ratio in a Dairy Milk Wholenut bar by turning it over and looking for the little lumps and bumps of hazelnut.

Well, when Matt turned over the chocolate bar he had picked up for his partner, he was shocked to find one measly nut. One!

"We've been robbed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, flabbergasted, taken aback, taken for a fool," he announced while sharing the devastating purchase with his TikTok followers.

Matt's viewers were just as taken aback and flabbergasted as him, and and could hardly believe their eyes.


Some, though, were all too familiar with his dilemma, and recommended that, to avoid disappointment, the best strategy was to apply a 'braille' test and check the bottom of the bar.

"This is why you need to feel the back of the bar before buying," one follower suggested.

This is what heartbreak looks like. Credit: TikTok/@matt_o
This is what heartbreak looks like. Credit: TikTok/@matt_o

Others hadn't a lot of sympathy for Matt's dilemma, and joked that having more than one nut in the bar would have technically been false advertising.


"You literally get a whole nut. Don't be greedy and expect more than one," teased one viewer.

"It said whole nut not wholeNUTS," agreed another.

These people have since been branded 'Cadburys apologists', and rightly so. This is no time for jokes.

One follower did take sympathy in Matt's heartbreak, and shared her own, similar horror story.


"This has happened me TWICE," she commented.

"Now I'm constantly fondling bars of chocolate to make sure it's got adequate nut action."

If Matt, or any other Wholenut fans, hope to avoid a similar fate, they'd do well to remember this trick.

So, should you see Matt, aged 28, one half of popular Irish music duo Tebi Rex, feeling up chocolate in the local Spar in the near future, mind your business.


Commenting on the incident, a spokesperson from Cadbury stated: "We’re very sorry to hear about this customer’s experience. This will be investigated further but so far is an isolated incident, the quality of our products is of paramount importance."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@matt_o/Instagram/@officialmatt.o

Topics: Food And Drink, TikTok

Ali Condon
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