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Best Friends Given A 2% Survival Rate At Birth Pose For Snap On Their Graduation Day

Best Friends Given A 2% Survival Rate At Birth Pose For Snap On Their Graduation Day

They recreated a photo from their first day at school 15 years ago

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Two best pals who were given just a two percent chance of survival at birth have overcome all the odds to attend their graduation.

The parents of Odin Frost and Jordon Granberry, both 18, were told their sons would never be able to walk and would live in a 'vegetative state', if they managed to survive their early years.


However, the boys went on to exceed expectation and made it to school aged three - an adorable photo shoes the pair on their very first day. And, to mark their graduation they recreated the snap 15 years later.

The two lads have been best friends since their very first day of school and share a special bond, despite being almost completely non-verbal.

Odin's dad Tim said: "My son and his best friend were both told their survival rate would be around 2 percent, that they'd never walk, and that they'd live in a vegetative state - if they made it past seven years.

"Both walked the stage and graduated. I was on cloud 19. I was so fricking proud of him.

"We just want our kids to be seen, and seen for the beautiful humans they are, and seen for their accomplishments."

Odin's mum Deanda, from Texas, had preeclampsia when she was pregnant with her son and gave birth to him three weeks early with a bleed on the brain.


Doctors were not sure of his diagnosis, but warned his parents he wouldn't be able to walk or talk and that he had brain problems meaning his cognitive function wouldn't exceed that of the average-seven-year-old.

But Odin went on to completely defy this and went to a school for children with additional needs and it was here he met Jordan.

"They are fiercely loyal and protective of each other," Tim said. "They definitely feel a vibe together. If someone comes too close to Jordon, and they don't like the vibe, Odin will go into protective mode.

"Odin will laugh and Jordon will laugh too - it has always been that way.

"They have a special connection that I don't know if the outside world would know what was going on."

As well as attending school, both boys have walked, although they use wheelchairs for long distances.

Tim says that while Odin doesn't speak very much he understands what's going on around him.


The proud dad shared snaps of the boys' graduation day on Reddit where they were flooded with praise and messages of congratulations.

Tim said: "We're more used to people being mean than being kind.

"People stare in public and kids make fun and the internet is usually one of the most horrible places.

"I was getting ready to defend him but it has just been kindness.

"My wife and I just lay there in bed reading the comments, and we were crying at how beautiful it is."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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