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​People Shocked By How Often Dan Bilzerian Has Sex In A Week

Jess Hardiman


​People Shocked By How Often Dan Bilzerian Has Sex In A Week

People are shocked by how often Dan Bilzerian tends to have sex each week, after a clip of him revealing the figure resurfaced on TikTok. Watch the video below:


The 40-year-old social media star held a Q&A with fans on Instagram, allowing people to type their burning questions into the message box for him to answer.

Naturally, one person wanted to find out how many times Bilzerian has sex - an area that's hardly surprising to crop up, given how big his talk is.

They posed "How many times [do] you have sex in a week?"

Bilzerian filmed himself in selfie mode as he responded: "I don't know. I would say on average, like at least two times a day.

"Yeah, so probably a minimum of 14."

Credit: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian
Credit: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian

The clip - which was originally from July last year - recently resurfaced on TikTok, where people were pretty shocked at his rumpy pumpy rate - some proving to be so stunned that they simply didn't believe it.

"That's the number I dream of in my whole life not for a week," one said.

Someone else commented: "That's too much. Once a day tops for me."

A third wrote: "Ain't no way boy. I'm also 30. 2 times a day takes me out the game for 2 days."

Also sharing their own experiences, another said: "Ooo no I do it 2-3 times a week married 16 years is that bad?"

One other simply wrote sarcastically: "Sure you do."

Credit: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian
Credit: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian

Another user, however, topped them all, joking: "Maybe he's talking going to the toilet."

I mean, he did ask for it.

In fact, he's used to getting roasted by the public - just like when he asked people to suggest a title for his new autobiography last year.

Posting a photo of him at a desk, seemingly puzzled by what brilliant caption to chuck on his book, Bilzerian wrote: "Finished writing my autobiography, $5,000 to the best book title in the comments."

Many people took the opportunity to rip into the poker player and actor for making his millions off the back of a trust fund his father set up for him, while also making not-so-sly digs at him always being surrounded by beautiful women.

One user commented with: "Love Your Kids So They Don't End Up Like Me: The Tale of Dan Bilzerian."

A second person wrote: "Dan Bilzerian: The Empty Shell Behind the Facade."

A third added: "How To Turn A Trust Fund Into The World's Longest Mid Life Crisis."

In amongst all the savagery, there was one that actually was hilarious and brilliant: "A Bilzerian Reasons Why."

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: Entertainment, TV and Film, Sex

Jess Hardiman
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