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Elderly couple have sex once a week but it lasts for days

Elderly couple have sex once a week but it lasts for days

The couple even prepared snacks ready for their time between the sheets

Some people barely have time for a quickie between various life commitments, but one sex therapist has shared the story of an elderly couple who managed to make their sex for last days on end.

Is that what retirement is?

It must be for some, as the couple in this particular story were both semi-retired, and obviously didn't want to waste their precious free time by, well, wearing clothes.

Who needs fresh air when you have each other?
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Dr Peggy Kleinplatz, a professor in the faculty of medicine at the University of Ottawa who has spent years investigating reasons for sexual dissatisfaction, shared the impressive tale during an interview with Big Think.

She recalled the tale when asked about any particular 'striking' stories she'd come across in her time, explaining that her team had interviewed the couple, who were both in their 70s.

These individuals said: “We used to have sex three times a week. Well, we’re in our 70s now, so we only have sex once a week."

Once a week isn't bad for people with busy lives, but this particular couple weren't talking about a 15 minute romp. In fact, their time between the sheets was one that required planning, preparation and snacks.

The couple explained: "When we get home from work on Thursday, we head into our kitchen to begin ‘foreplay’: chop up fruits, vegetables, enough healthy things so that we have enough food to last us until we go back to work on Monday morning, without ever having to get out of bed."

The couple relied on healthy snacks to fuel their time in bed.

"We don’t have to do the dishes," they continued. "We don’t have anything else to do except to have sex with each other for three-and-a-half days. So, we only have sex once a week now. But it lasts from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning.”

I don't know what the opposite of a quickie is, but it obviously looks like this. Forget friends, chores and fresh air, if you can do it for three and a half days, then go for it.

While this couple obviously had things figured out, Dr Kleinplatz revealed she came across most 'miserable' and 'distressed' couples around Valentine's Day - aka, this exact time of year. (It's tomorrow, if you need to run and get some flowers).

So when it comes to having some great sex, the therapist revealed that those who were found to have the best sex were those who were absorbed in the moment, in sync with one another, and having 'erotic intimacy, empathic communication, being authentic, vulnerability, exploring risk-taking and fun, and transcendence'.

Getting all that is great - but keeping it up for three and a half days is another achievement entirely.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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