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The English Breakfast Society fear kebab meat could soon be allowed to be part of a traditional full English

The English Breakfast Society fear kebab meat could soon be allowed to be part of a traditional full English

The society are very particular about what food should make its way into a fry up

The full English breakfast is a staple of the British diet - who doesn't love an egg, sausage and beans combo on a Sunday morning?

However, there are times when the breakfast meal can prove divisive to eaters.

And this may just be one of them.

English breakfasts are widely beloved - but can prove to be controversial.

The English Breakfast Society have slammed suggestions that hash browns should be considered part of the breakfast, as it would soon lead to the addition of kebab meat or fish fingers.

Dubbing the frozen potato treats a 'lazy American equivalent' to bubble squeak, the society of fry up fanatics have stood firm for traditional breakfasts.

It turns out that the society also aren't keen on the idea of chips making an appearance alongside tomatoes and toast, as it deemed them a 'cheap plate filler'.


An English Breakfast Society spokesperson said: "Hash browns are not part of a traditional English breakfast.

"Frozen hash browns are a lazy American replacement for traditional bubble & squeak, served by those who lack pride in the English breakfast tradition.

"Somebody has to draw the line somewhere and say 'no hash browns' because if we let the hash browns thing slide and become part of the tradition what's next?

"Fish fingers? Kebab meat?"

According to the society's website, an English breakfast should only consist of sausage, bacon, fried egg, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding and toast.

This can be paired with a cup of tea, a cup of coffee or a glass of orange juice.

The society also seem to be a fan of the printed press, as they said that a selection of newspapers should be enjoyed alongside the morning meal.

The English breakfast society spoke out against the inclusion of hash browns.

For many fans, the society's stance against kebab meat and hash browns was a welcome stand for tradition.

One fan said: "Thank you. Finally someone who has drawn a line in the sand. I hate the things," while another wrote: "Amen to that."

A fellow full English lover said: "Absolutely."

"This is the important stuff in life. Standards," another added.

Regardless of what the society says, it seems everybody enjoys their English breakfast a little differently.

A poll of LADbible followers in 2021 found that sausage was voted the most important component of a full English, closely followed by bacon, egg and then toast.

Mushroom trailed in at the end with only three percent of the vote.

Some people go a step further and include extra ingredients to the traditional dish - one of which caused outrage online.

One woman added peas to her full English breakfast, leading to some Twitter users to declare that the inclusion should be a 'criminal offence'.

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