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Woman Adds Peas To Full English Breakfast And The Internet Is Not Impressed

Woman Adds Peas To Full English Breakfast And The Internet Is Not Impressed

Although Birds Eye leapt to the woman's defence, people were horrified by this take on a full English

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Ordinarily, it is the absence of a key component that ruins a full English breakfast; indeed, can a breakfast even be considered a full English if it doesn't have at least eggs, sausage, bacon, beans and hash browns?

However, one woman's fry up managed to spark outcry on social media despite containing all of the above components - namely 'cause she ruined it by going and adding peas.

You would think it was common knowledge that a full English breakfast was no place for greens, but 'Jessica M' went ahead and added a big pile of peas to her brekkie before sharing it with the world via Twitter page Rate My Plate.

Naturally, uproar ensued.

Commenting on the photo, one person said: "It's a criminal offence to consume peas before noon. Especially when you have beans. Beans are your 'morning pea'."

Another said: "Why would you ruin this relatively promising start to the day with peas? Why? It makes no sense. Who made you think this was OK? This is NOT OK. Please stop doing this."

A third added: "Peas on a breakfast commands a 10 year sentence in a hard labour camp."

There were many, many more comments along these lines; truly, people were incensed by the presence of peas on her plate. Then, out of nowhere, popular fish finger purveyors Birds Eye got involved and praised Jessica's efforts, going as far as to say it 'admired' the inclusion of peas.

However, Birds Eye's bid to defend Jessica's healthy addition was roundly poo-pooed by the full English purists of Twitter.

One person said: "Throwing peas on the plate doesn't make it healthy."

Another said: "Drop the beans and call it dinner or tea and it would be fine, but anything green on a fried breakfast just is. not. right. or. normal."

A third agreed: "Making it healthy? It's a heart attack on a plate. And some peas."

So it's agreed then, if you want a healthy breakfast, have some granola or something - don't go adding peas to a full English.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Rate My Plate

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