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Mum Fuming After Son, 7, Bought Golden Toy Collectible For $10,000

Mum Fuming After Son, 7, Bought Golden Toy Collectible For $10,000

That's a hell of a lot of money for a tiny piece of golden material.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

When you're young, you don't really understand the value of money and how much work goes into getting that figure in your bank account.

But you also don't understand why some people say you can't have certain things; despite really, really wanting them.

That's what a seven-year-old Sydney boy did when he saw he could buy a golden Coles Stikeez collectible for a casual AUD$10,000.

All he had to do was jump online, punch in his mum's credit card details, which was made easy with the auto-fill feature, and hit send. Which is exactly what he did.

The small toy is no bigger than a person's middle finger and yet they can fetch up to $20,000 online. Who would fork out that much money on a tiny supermarket toy is beggar's belief, but hey, there's always a market for anything.

While it's a funny story, his mum, Donna, certainly wasn't happy.

Donna was NOT happy.
Today Tonight/Channel 7

She's told Channel 7: "I think it's just ludicrous this could happen. It's certainly nothing we've budgeted for and nothing we can afford.

"Between PayPal and the bank, there should be at least one stopper that says 'hang on, this isn't right'...and no one did.

"I just don't go out and spend $10,000 in one transaction, so they definitely need protocols in place to stop this happening."

Donna tried to get the seller to refund the money in exchange for sending the toy back but was ignored. Thankfully eBay eventually responded to her plight and refunded the money in full.

You can imagine Donna will be pulling her credit card information off her computer quick smart.

Featured Image Credit: eBay

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