Woman Forgot To Buy EuroMillions Ticket And Her Numbers Came Up For £182 Million

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It was Rachel Kennedy's lucky day on Friday (26 February), when all of her numbers came in for the £182 million ($254 million) EuroMillions jackpot; unfortunately though, she forgot to buy a ticket.

The 19-year-old student, from Hertfordshire, decided to check her numbers after reading about Andrew Clark's £76 million win.

Lo and behold, there her numbers were, and Rachel's mum and boyfriend Liam promptly began 'going crazy'.

Liam was dreaming of a life of luxury for a few minutes there. Credit: Rachel Kennedy

But when she called up to confirm her win, they quickly came crashing down.

Rachel told LADbible: "I logged onto the app cause I saw that man who called up and didn't realise he had won money but won millions, so I thought f*** it I'll do the same.

"It said 'Winning match on the 27th Feb'.

"I called up and the woman said, 'Yeah they're the right numbers, but you didn't put any numbers on this week'.

"I forgot to play."


Liam shared his dismay in a tweet that has gone viral, quickly amassing more than 16,000 likes.

University of Brighton student Rachel didn't buy a ticket last week because she was snowed under with uni work.

She said: "I use those exact numbers every time, but this week I was stressed with uni work so completely forgot to buy a ticket."

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And to think, if she'd been less bothered about her work, she could be telling the Student Loans Company to do one right about now.

But while you or I may quite conceivably allow a heartbreak like this to tear our lives apart, Rachel has a remarkably zen attitude about the whole thing.

They're taking it well, all things considered. Credit: Rachel Kennedy

She said: "Everything happens for a reason though, we're no richer or poorer than we were this morning.

"Hopefully it goes to someone who is in desperate need for it.

"Although it's sad, I think we'll get over it pretty quickly - not that he [Liam] was getting any of it anyway!"

There you go Liam, chin up; would have been a lot harder to cope with your other half scooping £182 million and not giving you a penny.

Featured Image Credit: Rachel Kennedy

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