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Here's how humans would look if we evolved to withstand car crashes

Here's how humans would look if we evolved to withstand car crashes

In short, it's pure nightmare fuel

Humans have evolved to withstand a lot of things, but car crashes ain't one of them - and when you see what we'd look like if we had, you'll be glad we didn't pick up these features along the way. Check it out:

Several years back, a contemporary artist from Australia decided to create a mock-up of how people would look if they had developed traits to ensure they could survive a full-on collision.

And it hasn't grown any less unsettling over time - the pictures are still pure nightmare fuel.

Patricia Piccinini developed the sculpture alongside a leading trauma surgeon and a car crash investigator.

The project was commissioned by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) as part of their Toward Zero road safety campaign.

Graham might not look pretty but he could survive a car crash no problem.
Transport Accident Commission

Not only does he serve to point out the importance of road safety, Graham - as he was delightfully named - was designed to be interactive, too.

When he was exhibited at the State Library of Victoria back in 2016, Google Tango was used to let visitors look beneath Graham's skin and understand why he looks the way he does.

Though he might not look too pretty, he'd be able to escape from a car crash without any major, life-threatening injuries.

As you'll see, Graham has flat face to protect his nose from breaking, while the fatty tissue around his face is designed to 'absorb the energy of the impact'.

That super-size bonce might make hat shopping quite tricky, but it would keep your brain nice and protected during a crash.

There's a good reason for all those nipples.
Transport Accident Commission

But one of the biggest problems caused in car accidents is related to the neck, as this is often thrust forward and then backwards in quick succession, which can result in spinal injuries or cause it to break.

With this in mind, Patricia decided to get rid of the neck altogether - problem solved.

Now, what about those extra nipples? Don't pretend like you weren't wondering.

Though they might look like decoration, these are actually designed to act as mini airbags to enhance the ribcage as a protector of the internal organs.

But the team didn't just stop with car crashes - the bottom half of Graham was made to withstand pedestrian accidents.

Since there's not much protection for a person standing on their own, Patricia created the hoof-like legs and feet so that Graham could quite literally leap away from any danger on the road.

Those pins and hoof-like feet would help Graham in a pedestrian collision.
Transport Accident Commission

Meanwhile, his knees can bend in all directions for extra mobility.

Though it's a fun experiment, the serious message behind it is to teach people about human vulnerability and road safety awareness.

So beyond the creepy imagery, here's hoping everyone takes the message on board and remembers to drive safely.

Featured Image Credit: Transport Accident Commission

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