Guy Passes His Driving Test On The 33rd Attempt

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Guy Passes His Driving Test On The 33rd Attempt

They say the best drivers pass second time, don't they? Something to do with feeling more confident on the road after having been denied a licence once before.

Although, a study from insurance company LV= found that those who passed on the third attempt were the least likely to be involved in an accident. In the study, which looked at the driving records of people who had passed first time, after two, three or four attempts, it was noted that those who passed on their first go were the 'worst drivers' due to 'over confidence'.

Third triers were more likely to be 'safe' and 'cautious', apparently.

There was no data on people who passed after 33 times, because that's just silly, isn't it? Who would take that long to pass?


Step forward Christian Whiteley-Mason, who after 33 goes, 14 instructors and 25 long years (not to mention £10k) finally passed.

Forty-two-year old Christian, from South Yorkshire, took his first test in 1992, and apparently got quite a taste for it, going back another 32 times.

He actually gave up for a bit in 2003, after his 32nd failed attempt, deciding that motoring probably wasn't for him. However, after his job required him to travel more, he decided to give it another shot.

He told the Mirror: "I can't believe I've actually finally passed after all these years. I'm still in shock!


"There was this one examiner at the Barnsley test centre who I used to pray I didn't get. She was notoriously tough and she failed me every time.

"I had 56 lessons with my first instructor and eventually he told me to just give up as I would never pass."

Christian, who eventually decided to take the automatic-only test, is now the proud owner of a Smart Car, that he's named Percy.

"Everyone laughed at me and said I'd never do it, I'd get bored again," he said. "But I was absolutely determined I was going to show everyone."


Christian joked: "There must be a God because I prayed every night that I wouldn't get that same examiner who'd kept failing me, and I didn't."

Christian passed with just three minors, not bad, but then I suppose he'd had more practice than most.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"You might say I passed first time this time. It was so hard. There's a lot more to it now then when I first started.


"There's the independent driving tests, the theory tests, the hazard perception test.

"I'm so proud of myself. It's changed my life to be honest. I felt like I'd achieved everything I really wanted to achieve, this was the one thing left I had to do."

Fair play, he got there in the end.

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