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Meet The Female Fitness Blogger Who Supports Hairy Arms and Legs

Meet The Female Fitness Blogger Who Supports Hairy Arms and Legs

A personal choice. That's the best way to describe this, or anybody's decision, to either shave or not shave various parts of the body.

Men are unlikely to face too much scrutiny over it, for women it's a different story. Last week on This Morning, comedian Kate Smurthwaite appeared to encourage women to accept their natural bodies.


During her interview with Eamonn and Ruth, she lifted her arm to reveal five years of hairy growth.

Credit: ITV

It prompted outrage on Twitter, from both genders, including the other female guest on the show, former WAG, Lizzie Cundy, who couldn't even bring herself to look.

Well, in support of Kate, let's introduce Morgan Mikenas. She's a fitness blogger, with over 7,000 followers on Instagram, who posts mostly about her fitness regime and transformation after she took up bodybuilding.


However, she also promotes 'natural beauty' with photographs of her hairy legs and armpits in the hope it will inspire others.

For Morgan, it all started when she was 12 at school, and other girls would laugh at her hairy legs when she was in shorts.

Morgan was so upset she ran home to her mum and asked her to teach her how to shave.

But last year she wanted to ditch to razor, and embrace the growth. She hasn't shaved now since the beginning of 2016.

Morgan, who worked in childcare, used to take the children swimming every Friday.

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She claims that she questioned their response of: 'Oh my god, you look like a man!' by saying "what does that say if that's how these kids are being taught. I've even seen kids in third grade [8 or 9-years-old] that shave their legs.

In a video on her YouTube channel, Morgan said: "I'm not trying to stop humanity shaving its arm pits and leg hair anymore, I want to inspire others, and whatever makes you comfortable.

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"I guess the number one reason," she continued "is because it took too much time to get in the shower, shave and then wash my body.

"I just, one day, was like 'why am I doing this anymore? This takes so much time', so then I let it do its thing and just grow out.

"I found it was nice, it started being super soft. When you shave it's prickly and uncomfortable, so I guess that's another reason why."

Beauty, as many will say, is in the eye of the beholder. Whether 'bear' or 'bare'! See what I did there!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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