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Metal Worker Launches Second Business Selling Lingerie For Men

Metal Worker Launches Second Business Selling Lingerie For Men

Downstairs in his workshop, he restores vintage vehicles while upstairs in his office, he designs lacy knickers for men.

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A metal worker has launched a second business selling lingerie for men. Watch him explain the motivation behind the venture here:

Jules Parker sees himself as an ordinary 'metalworking bloke'. He has a wife and three kids and spends his days restoring vintage vehicles... Well, that was until March 2020.

Since then, the 56-year-old, from East Sussex, has spent his days restoring vintage vehicles and designing lingerie for men.

"I was in this sort of situation where I'd always see my wife wearing lingerie and saw it as a very decorative piece, and something that was of interest to me as much as obviously herself," Jules told LADbible.

"I was just looking at it thinking, 'This is bonkers' - because there's nothing outside the standard sort of boxers or briefs or whatever for guys."

Jules is potentially the only person in the world who works as a metal worker and a purveyor of lingerie for men.
YouTube/60 Second Docs

Jules was influenced by punk growing up and has never been a fan of being told what to do - or what to wear.

Seeing a gap in the market, Jules decided to set about filling it - though his wife initially had a few apprehensions.

"I think she probably thought that I might be going down some middle age crisis," Jules said.

"Am I going to become a crossdresser? Maybe this is the beginning of somebody who might be gay or whatever?

"But I think fairly soon [I] got it into some sort of real context that what we're actually talking about is a bit of fabric, you know, and that doesn't define anybody.

"So yeah, she's been brilliant and been right behind it."

Moot was subsequently born, and the company is leading an 'underwear revolution', selling all manner of alternative garments for men, from thongs and open back briefs to fishnet bodysuits and crotchless tutus.

And while such clobber may have feminine connotations, Jules insists the underwear is all about putting masculinity front and centre - often quite literally.

Explaining the inspiration behind Moot, Jules said: "I'll be out with the dog and you'll see a male pheasant, of course, a beautifully decorated bird, and the female, of course, is very plain. And really that narrative runs across the whole of nature, where the males are more decorative.

"Equally, if you look at our history, you don't have to go back too far - a couple of 100 years - and the males were very much the decorated dandies, you know, and that wasn't a case of being feminine.

"There are many pictures of Henry VIII standing there broad shouldered, a big powerful guy, but the feature part of that painting is the big, gold codpiece - very much about masculinity."

Jules doesn't see why anybody should be bothered by what fabric others choose to wear.

He continued: "So what I wanted to try and do was produce something that celebrated the male physique.

"I didn't in any way see myself as a crossdresser. I didn't want to start wearing women's clothes, I didn't want to start calling myself or identifying as a woman - I'm a bloke, I'm a metalworking bloke.

"I wanted to have something that celebrated where we were. So generally, if you look at the front of our sort of pouches of our items, they're all about lifting you up and giving you some body and putting you in the front, rather than letting your balls drop down. So much more presenting you as a full package."

So, if you fancy putting your balls front and centre, then you know where to head!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@the.moot.revolution

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