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People Are Getting Covid-19 Tattoos To Commemorate The Pandemic

People Are Getting Covid-19 Tattoos To Commemorate The Pandemic

Some even think the tats will protect them from the virus

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

People across the world are getting Covid-19 tattoos to commemorate the pandemic.

This may seem like an odd trend, and it's even odder when you consider that some people are getting inked to 'protect' themselves from the virus.

Jam Press

Matthew Vazquez, a full-time tattoo artist from Hawthorne, California, said he inked a green microscopic virus design on a client who believed having the tat would protect her from the disease.

Matthew, 22, said: "The person that wanted the tattoo was very confident. She said if she were to get the Covid tattoo on herself she'd be protected indefinitely. She wanted to get to look back at it as a reminder that she lived through the pandemic.

"I thought it was a great idea and kind of a cool way to look at it! Like, maybe try to look at the brighter side of things sometimes.

"It took me about an hour and a half - it was pretty rad to see it all come together towards the end."

But while Matthew reckons the tattoo was a 'great idea', I'd suggest wearing a mask, washing your hands and social distancing are significantly better ideas, if 'not catching coronavirus' is your aim.

There are many people who have got Covid-19 themed tats with a more understandable reasoning though.

Andres Vega, a tattoo artist from Spain, has received numerous requests from doctors and nurses asking for Covid-19 tattoos to commemorate the struggles they have faced in the line of duty.

For one such customer, Andres inked a female nurse with a mask over her face beside the word 'resiliencia', which means 'resilience'.

Jam Press

Tattoo artist Lance Orion Vilbro, who is based in Sydney, Australia, gave customer Jane a tattoo of a one-eyed virus with its tongue sticking it out (this virus has a tongue, by the way) after she gave him free rein with the design.

Lance, 32, said: "It's been my first and only serious Covid tattoo request. Some people have joked about it, but Jane really came through! I think she was just sick of being stuck at home, and it had such a huge impact on day to day life.

"This is a fun way to both take some control back and make a permanent memorable mark of this time in her life.

Jam Press

"It was definitely one way to try and turn the last six months into something a little more positive.

"I thought it was a great idea! I love doing stuff like this and having so much freedom with the design allowed me to make it something special."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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