Hungover And Full Of Regret? A Study Shows You're Not Alone

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Hungover And Full Of Regret? A Study Shows You're Not Alone

Morning mate. As you're here reading this, I'm guessing you're not feeling great at the moment - but I've got some good news for you, you're not alone. Millions of Brits went out last night and, like you, they're not feeling too great this morning either.

You might be thinking you're along in experiencing feelings of regret right now, but luckily you're not. In fact the regrets that you're having are likely pretty common.

Lads back in the day, shouting 'lager, lager, lager, lager'. Credit: PA Images


A study has revealed the top regrets that most of us have. They are as follows:

1 - Spending too much money 39%

2 - Drinking so much it's made you vomit 28%

3 - Falling over and injuring yourself 11%


4 - Posting to your social media channels 7%

5 - Having a one-night stand 6%

6 - Texting an ex 5%

7 - Getting into a fight 4%


Sound familiar? Not too surprising to see overspending at the top of the list - it turns out that Brits will spend a whopping £2,000 ($2,615) a year on giving ourselves stinking hangovers.

Jack Collier, European marketing director at Circle, said: "There's always that one mate who is reluctant to get their round in and heads home when it's their turn or 'forgets' their wallets.

"With hangovers costing us an eye-watering £2k a year, you at least need to split the round fairly to avoid losing out even more."


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However, he added: "The only way to avoid a hangover the next day is to drink less."


I think the experience and need to chill out about a hangover is best described by deceased writer Kingsley Amis, who explained why it doesn't matter as much as you think it might.

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He wrote: "When that ineffable compound of depression, sadness (these two are not the same), anxiety, self-hatred, sense of failure and fear for the future begins to steal over you, start telling yourself that what you have is a hangover.

"You are not sickening for anything, you have not suffered a minor brain lesion, you are not all that bad at your job, your family and friends are not leagued in a conspiracy of barely maintained silence about what a shit you are, you have not come at last to see life as it really is and there is no use crying over spilt milk."

So maybe all there is left to do is to take solace in that.

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