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Woman Left 'Exhausted' After Seven One-Night Stands In A Single Week

Rebecca Shepherd

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Woman Left 'Exhausted' After Seven One-Night Stands In A Single Week

Many of us have experienced a one-night stand or two in our time. Seven in a single week, though? Sounds fun but pretty tiring, to be honest - which is pretty much how it panned out for one woman in Australia.

Before we get started with this, let's point out that Nadia Bokody is not harming anyone. She's engaging in consensual sex with compatible individuals while satisfying her desires at the same time - good on her.

And in any case, chances are she's not going to give two fucks about what any of us make of her choices - she's empowered and exhausted from all the sex.

Nadia Bokody. Credit: Instagram/nadiabokody
Nadia Bokody. Credit: Instagram/nadiabokody

But that wasn't always the case. Nadia found herself newly single after her seven-year marriage broke down and she was sexually frustrated. Really sexually frustrated.

After confiding in a colleague, she was told to message a guy suggesting no-strings-attached sex - asking him outright whether he was DTF. That means 'down to fuck', Mum.

Nadia took her pal's advice and found herself embarking on a week-long journey of steamy one-night stands and admits she was 'exhausted' at the end.

Writing for SheSaid.com, Nadia listed off her conquests in chronological order. First up was Ryan - cute, but not really Nadia's type.

Nadia says she was left feeling 'exhausted'. Credit: Instagram/nadiabokody
Nadia says she was left feeling 'exhausted'. Credit: Instagram/nadiabokody

Moments after she sent him a message, he responded with: "Sure. See you in an hour." It doesn't work that seamlessly, surely. That seems almost too easy.

Following their rendezvous, Nadia found herself 'sobbing hysterically' and wrote: "It was in that moment it occurred to me that this wasn't about sex at all.

"It was about the liberation that came with it, to have desires met I'd convinced myself were insignificant in the final stages of my flailing marriage."

The next evening, Nadia went to a club and pulled a 20-something skater boy called Ted who gave her one of the 'fastest orgasms' of her life. Way to go, Ted.

Sunday night arrived with a fella called Matt - a 'perfectly-proportioned navy diver'. Again, Nadia sent the obligatory DTF message - his response? "Yes, come over at 6, here's my address.."

Then on Monday Nadia found herself bedding Lisa, a 'beautiful 30-something' woman who 'radiated sexiness'.

The sex-positive journalist wrote: "She treated sex like a tantalising meal best enjoyed slowly and purposefully, her soft hands finding their way to long-forgotten crevices of my body - the goal, she'd informed me, wasn't to have an orgasm, it was to enjoy each other.

"And so enjoy each other we did into the early hours of the morning, when the sun began to stream through my blinds."

Nadia pushed the boundaries and slept with a woman during her week of passion. Credit: Instagram/nadiabokody
Nadia pushed the boundaries and slept with a woman during her week of passion. Credit: Instagram/nadiabokody

Next up was 'handsome' Charlie, who turned out to be her 'sexual soulmate'. They did it 'as many times as the night would allow' - now we're realising why she was bloody knackered.

On Wednesday, Nadia went on a date with a 'cute army guy' called Steve who explained that he would be boarding a flight back to the other side of the country the following day. We can almost hear ourselves telling Nadia, 'Fuck it, you're not going to see him again.'

Thursday evening arrived and a date was on the cards with Ben - a handsome English bloke she met online.

Nadia wrote: "Mentally, I committed not to sleep with him and get to know him in the hopes of lining up another date at the end of the evening.

"But two cocktails and an hour of listening to his irresistible accent later, the idea of delaying what could be a genuinely pleasurable night of sex in the mere hopes of securing an elusive second date began to appear futile."

Well, she had good intentions to begin with and that's all that matters.

Again, Nadia found herself crying again and explained: "I turned on my side to face him, knowing full well I'd never see him again, and feeling somehow strangely empowered in that knowledge.

"Though I ached with exhaustion as I closed my eyes to intensify the sensation of Ben's tired fingers lazily tracing circles over my naked body, my spirit felt paradoxically invigorated.

"Letting go of everything I knew about love, lust, and sexual gratification in the strange security of transient lovers who knew nothing of me or my history allowed me to find my way back to myself - before I was a wife, a girlfriend, or even someone's fling. And that was the real pot of gold at the end of my sexual rainbow."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/nadiabokody

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Rebecca Shepherd
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