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Five signs of 'micro-cheating' that anyone in a relationship needs to be aware of

Five signs of 'micro-cheating' that anyone in a relationship needs to be aware of

Physical cheating might be bad, but micro-cheating can be just as tough to deal with

You probably look at your partner with complete adoration and would never believe that they are the type of person who could possibly break your heart, but then again, maybe you just haven't heard of 'micro-cheating' yet.

Although they haven't gone the whole hog to become a fully fledged love rat by slipping between the sheets with someone else, your other half might fall into another category of the cheating spectrum.

The latest relationship buzz word to terrify couples across the globe is 'micro-cheating', which refers to small breaches of trust and subtle behaviours which dance along the line of betrayal, but don't exactly equate to a physical affair.

Maybe your slipping off your ring when you see a stunner at the bar, constantly doling out double taps on Instagram like they are going out of fashion, or your deleting text messages which might come across as a bit too flirty.

Whatever sneaky thing it is that your getting up to that suggests you've got your eyes elsewhere and that your partner probably wouldn't approve of, it's probably classed as micro-cheating.

And with the dating capabilities in this day and age, those in relationships are constantly on high alert.

Relationship expert Rachael Lloyd previously told The Mirror: "Advances in technology and the multitude of available platforms means that people often feel there is endless choice...

"It might start with a bit of flirting online, and build towards full-blown emotional affairs in the digital environment. The fallout from these situations can be as devastating as a physical affair."

A woman has warned to beware of the five signs of micro-cheating.
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TikTok user Brogan Perry, who enjoys sharing her dating tips online, is on a mission to inform as many people as she can about the five major signs of micro-cheating so those who are faithful can take note and start packing a bag ASAP.

First up, hiding messages from your partner - she believes that if you notice your beau being secretive with their phone, it's probably for a reason.

According to Brogan, keeping the group chat's private jokes private isn't grounds for a breakup, but it's a different kettle of fish if it's someone who might be more than friends to you.

She said: "If you are having to delete messages, hide chats from your partner, like what are you doing? Why can you not show them?"

The term refers to subtle behaviours and small breaches of trust which your partner wouldn't approve of.
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Secondly, the social media user reckons flirting with other people is a huge red flag that could indicate you are micro-cheating on your significant other.

Brogan fumed: "Why do you feel the need to do this? Why do you need to to flirt with someone else if your partner is there? Even if they're not there, that's even worse! Why are you flirting with someone behind your partner's back?

"It doesn't make sense to me."

She admitted her third sign is a 'bit of a weird one', before explaining why 'speaking about your relationship issues with someone of the opposite sex' really riles her up.

The TikToker explained: "If you have an argument with your partner and instead of trying to solve it or taking some time away, you go straight to another person and slag them off about this issue. That's not okay with me."

Brogan said the fourth big no-no on her list is being friends with exes, although she understands in some scenarios - like when they share a child together - it is unavoidable.

"I know that in some cases, you're going to need to be," Brogan continued. "That's fine. But if you don't and your just being friends with your ex, talking to your ex, I don't care. In my opinion that is micro-cheating."

And the fifth one is a classic - liking half-naked pictures of people you scroll past on social media when your other half has made it clear they're not down for it.

Brogan added: "If you and your partner have said to each other your not to happy with it and you do it anyway, why? To me, that's micro-cheating."

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