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Man who didn’t masturbate for 90 days explains why it was ‘the best decision of his life’

Man who didn’t masturbate for 90 days explains why it was ‘the best decision of his life’

The bloke claims abstaining for so long brought big improvements to his life

For a lot of people, Friday (1 December) means the beginning of Christmas and getting to open those chocolate-filled doors on their advent calendar.

But for some, it means getting to open the doors to something else entirely as No Nut November finally comes to an end.

In case you didn’t know, the challenge sees lads try and get through the whole month without having an orgasm/ejaculating – for some it also even means no porn either.

You might think 30 days is rough, but one bloke did it for a whole 90 days and says it turned out to be the ‘best decision of his life’.

Let’s be real, masturbation is a perfectly normal part of most people’s lives (no matter their gender).

And yet this guy claims abstaining for so long improved his life so much.

He took to Reddit to explain he’s decision, revealing he chose to stop completely as a result.

He wrote: "I had no idea that I was 3 months in because I didn't check my streak often, maybe once every 1-2 weeks which I think was key in my abstinence."

The man then explained that during this time, he had 'more energy, my brain stopped sexualising normal things and my brain fog is basically gone'.

The bloke says he went for 90 days without.
Satjawat Boontanataweepol/Getty Images

"I find it easier to socialise and start conversations. I have also experienced a huge energy boost in the gym, and have seen tremendous progress during these 3 months," he continued.

The man said that abstaining from self-pleasure gave him more 'discipline' and helped him to ‘get up on early mornings when I did not feel like hitting the gym, helped me get out of bed during bad days and rough times.'

These positive changes are what prompted him to ultimately decide that he 'will not be going back to masturbating' as 'not doing it has helped me more than doing it has'.

He acknowledged: "Some people may call this placebo, and even if it was just placebo, all these successes stories have actually helped with other people's mental healths [sic]."

No Nut November is nearly over.

The man then shared his advice for anyone else considering giving up masturbating, which might be of interest to get through the final days of No Nut November.

"My advice would be to live life, enjoy it past the short pleasures of masturbating," he wrote. "Don't remain a slave to your sexual desires, push through and become a better version of yourself for you and no one else."

Reddit users were quick to congratulate the man for managing to abstain for so long and some said that his story was inspiring them to give up masturbation too.

"Even if it’s a placebo, the results are no lies," wrote one Redditor.

A second, who appeared to have only recently given up, added: "Congratulations bro, reading this success story has really inspired me to keep going and never leave.

"It’s only been 18 hours since I’ve committed to nofap but I will never go back to my old porn-stricken life again. Support brothers and sisters [sic]."

"Let's go am on day 1," added a third.

Featured Image Credit: Paul Strowger/Getty/Stefania Pelfini La Waziya Photography/Getty

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