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‘Silent walking’ is the new trend taking over young people

‘Silent walking’ is the new trend taking over young people

No screens, no distractions, just walking

The youth of today appear to have cooked up another one of those newfangled trends, and this time it's something called 'silent walking'.

You've surely heard of walking, that thing we learn to do while infants and our primary means of getting around this world, well Generation Z reckon they've found a way to improve it.

The viral trend has come from businesswoman Mady Maio, or rather from a challenge from her boyfriend, and she said silent walking transformed her life.

Basically it's just walking, that thing human beings have been doing ever since they existed, just without the technological distractions which have come to burden us over the years.

When you go walking nowadays you've probably got something stuck in your ears playing music or a podcast, or you'll barely look at the world around you as your eyes are glued to the phone screen.

The simple joy of going for a stroll is behind the silent walking trend.
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"No AirPods, no podcast, no music, just me, myself and I," Maio said of silent walking.

"I was like f**k no, my anxiety could never. But something within me was like, let me just try it.

"Your mind is racing or you're gonna have anxiety. But something happens after two minutes - when your brain just gets into this flow state and everything is quiet.




"Suddenly, you can f**king hear yourself. Brain fog lifted, suddenly all these ideas are flowing into me because I'm giving them space to enter."

It turns out after about 30 minutes of your brain not being blasted with music or distracted by the plethora of diversions your phone can offer the mind's creative juices get flowing a bit.

Look at this ear, unburdened by headphone or ear pod. Now silent walking can begin.
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This latest trend has been met with a bit of scepticism from the older generations who just don't understand the young people, or perhaps don't understand why young people think they've invented something new.

"Soooooooo, she's just walking?" one wrote in response to the silent walking trend, while another joked that they 'came up with breathing while sleeping'.

Others pointed out that back in their day they 'silent walked everywhere for many many years', and someone else said 'we just call it walking'.

While there might be something to shedding the distractions and having a decent stroll unplugged and away from it all it's not quite a new invention.

As for the science-y bit, walking does actually help you think as it helps maintain healthier brain tissue.

There is a reason people go for a walk to clear their head, and getting away from it all to have a stroll isn't a bad way to spend the time.

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