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Man buys 16 milkshakes to see what he'd win in McDonald's Monopoly

Man buys 16 milkshakes to see what he'd win in McDonald's Monopoly

He's said he was 'feeling lucky' as he began peeling

A bloke decided to test how lucky he is by buying 16 milkshakes to see what he’d win on McDonald’s Monopoly.

The popular promotion launched last month and - as ever - gives diners the chance to win a whole host of prizes such as laptops, holiday vouchers, cash, the highly coveted McDonald’s Gold Card and, of course, free food and drink.

Some prizes are instant - like a free burger or chips - while others require a collection of properties.

TikToker Josh Ryan decided to see exactly what he could win after splashing out on more than a dozen milkshakes.

In the clip, he explains that it ‘was not fun getting home’ and reveals that he had a bit of a spillage in his car but with 32 stickers waiting to be peeled, he's hoping for a big win and admits he’s ‘feeling lucky’.

Peeling the first sticker, he says: "First one… I'm praying, I'm praying, I'm praying. Boom!

"Oh my God, I won! No way! I got Whitechapel Road and a McFlurry or a fruit bag."

His next three milkshakes aren’t instant winners, but he does pick up more streets including Regent Street, Piccadilly and Pall Mall.

He started off strong with an instant win on his first sticker.

His next two milkshakes are winners and he bags himself a hash brown or cheesy bacon flatbread, and six McNuggets or a double cheeseburger.

At this point Josh seems to be pretty pleased with his winnings so far and jokes that he could ‘live’ off all the free food he’s snagged.

And his winning streak continues as his next milkshake is also a winner, bagging him a free medium Coca Cola or milkshake - not sure he needs any more milkshake, to be fair.

After peeling and revealing a couple more streets, he then wins again, this time another McFlurry or fruit bag.

The next few stickers are various streets, including Vine Street, Oxford Street and Bow Street - before he lands himself another food prize in the form of a single McMuffin or a bacon roll.

As his peels his final milkshake - a chocolate one, if you’re interested - he says: "Winner, winner, winner, everyone! I got 20 percent off Glowhub!"

McDonald’s Monopoly is set to draw to a close tomorrow (17 October) so if you fancy checking if you’re as lucky as Josh - or luckier - then you’ll need to get a move on.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@joshryanx

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