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Schoolgirl Who Fell Pregnant At 13 Shares Prom With Two-Year-Old Daughter

Schoolgirl Who Fell Pregnant At 13 Shares Prom With Two-Year-Old Daughter

Kayleigh Snaith, who's now 16 years old, has defied the 'haters' and posed with her little girl before attending prom

Daisy Jackson

Daisy Jackson

Teenagers can be cruel, as Kayleigh Snaith found out the hard way when she fell pregnant when she was just 13 years old.

Apparently she was told by her classmates that she had 'ruined her life' and was 'disgusting'.

But Kayleigh has defied the comments, and said that becoming a mum has made her a happier and better person.

Mercury Press & Media

Before heading to her prom this week, Kayleigh has posed for photos with her two-year-old daughter, who is also dressed up in a tiny formal dress.

Kayleigh, who lives in Stanley in County Durham, tried to hide her pregnancy from her parents and teachers for the first six months.

She was terrified of how her parents would react when they heard the news, but they supported their daughter's decision and helped her prepare for the arrival of her baby.

Mercury Press & Media

Harley was born on May 6 2016, and Kayleigh describes her as a 'beautiful, cheeky and happy little girl'.

Kayleigh said: "She is a ray of sunshine and I'm proud to be her mum. I'll never regret having her or be ashamed."

She attended school part-time during her pregnancy, and went back as a full-time student when he daughter was just four weeks old.

The motivation of providing a good life for her daughter motivated her through her studies and she finished with seven GCSEs.

That's serious commitment to getting your education.

Kayleigh's now due to study music at college from September.

The photos she posted show Kayleigh wearing her prom dress and tiara, while little Harley gives her kisses.

Kayleigh, who still lives with her parents, said: "I wanted to take Harley to my prom and get her all dressed up to show her that she is a princess in my eyes - and always will be.

Mercury Press & Media

"I hope she grows up knowing that she deserves the best and never to settle for anything or anyone that makes her unhappy. She should be treated with love and care.

"I also wanted to show everyone else who thought I would never make it through school being a young mum that I did it. Here I am celebrating finishing school with my daughter."

She admitted that being a young mum while studying wasn't easy, having to power through sleepless nights and exams at the same time.

Mercury Press & Media

She said: "I hope by sharing the pictures from my prom, other young mums and their parents will realise that having a baby in your teens isn't the end of the world.

"No matter what people tell you or think of you, if you push yourself and work hard you can still achieve all of your life goals."

Good for her.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press & Media

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