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Ambulance Given Parking Ticket As Paramedics Stop For Water During Long Shift

Ambulance Given Parking Ticket As Paramedics Stop For Water During Long Shift

The emergency vehicle was parked on yellow lines outside a Tesco where they were getting water on their first break in eight hours

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Ambulances have been getting a lot of stick recently and we don't really understand why. What an awful bunch of people, you know, saving lives and all that...

One selfish homeowner posted a note on the windscreen of an ambulance and told them not to block their drive while last month another was pelted with bricks and glasses.

And the latest comes from a parking warden who issued a ticket to an ambulance parked on double yellow lines as the paramedics inside took their first break in eight hours - how very dare they?

The emergency vehicle was parked on double yellow lines outside a Tesco Express in Northwich, Cheshire, and staff had nipped inside the store to grab some water.

But the video shows the warden issued a ticket while the NHS staff member said: "I've had nothing to drink and nothing to eat."

Would anyone else have turned a blind eye, given them a cheeky yet sympathetic smile or maybe, just maybe, simply thanked them?


The parking warden was confronted by a witness, Ian French, who was filming the encounter. He tried to reason with the warden by telling him that the paramedics were on call.

But he wasn't backing down in his LA baseball cap and said: "They are getting some food, so they are not on call, are they?" He then asked: "Where are the sirens? Where are the sirens?"

Ian claimed that the young parking attendant said he was 'proud' of issuing the ticket.


Ian, who was collecting his daughter from school at the time, said: "I felt so strongly about the unfairness of what was happening that I started filming on my iPhone, hoping to bring attention to what was happening to the hardworking paramedics.

"I believe they were just collecting some food and water eight hours into their shift.

"It is a private parking firm working for the landlord, who I believe owns the car park and the businesses around it.


"The parking enforcement signs were only installed a few weeks ago. The locals are not happy about it, nor are some of the businesses."

The incident happened at Kingsmead Square, Northwich, Cheshire, at around 3pm on Tuesday, July 24.

A paramedic appeared and asked where she should park, because the van didn't fit in any of the bays - apart from disabled spots.


She added: "I'm not being funny, I'm not going to use a disabled space... so where would you like me to park?

"I've been on since 6.45am, I've had nothing to drink, nothing to eat. And now I'd like to go to Tesco to get some water."

He answered: "I understand, that's fine, you can do that, but you can't be parking on a double yellow line, can you?"


It is understood the attendant does not work for Tesco, but works for a private firm.

The North West Ambulance Service and Tesco have been approached for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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