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Salt Bae Customers Say They Were Given A Time To Leave As Food Was Served

Salt Bae Customers Say They Were Given A Time To Leave As Food Was Served

The customers compared the restaurant in London to IKEA and said they were asked to leave in 30 minutes after their food was served.

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A customer who left Salt Bae's restaurant less than impressed claimed that they were asked to leave 'in 30 minutes' as some of their food was still being served.

According to the visitor, who had gone to the celebrity chef's London restaurant, they had to go and ask about their sides as there were none delivered, to which they were answered by a member of staff in a 'short and blunt' manner.

They went on to explain that when the sides did arrive at the table, they were warned that there was only half an hour to eat up so that they could get other diners to the table.

The restaurant chain, Nusr-Et, was opened by the social media sensation Salt Bae - otherwise known as Nusret Gökçe - who has just opened the 28th venue in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

But it seems he might be needed in London for a little longer.

Taking to TripAdvisor to warn others not to visit the eatery, the customer wrote: "The restaurant is beautiful but that was about it. I went in after reading the headlines about the prices so was fully understanding of what I was getting into.


"I decided to take my partner there for dinner and the staff were nice, however we did have to wait a long time for our drinks order which I had to find a staff member to come and take it.

"The steak was above average but not much more, I have been to better steak houses that have no reputation at all compared to the food here.

"We had no sides delivered and so I asked the waiter if they were on the way, at this point the response became very short and blunt as if I had made a mistake, the staff then came mid meal and warned us that we had 30 minutes (he was placing our sides on the table when he said it!) so that we could allow others to use the table as there is a quick turnover time.

"It's like IKEA, it looks good but it's poor quality (service and food). I actually opted not to have Nusret [owner, Nusret Gökçe] to cut our steak, I just wanted good food.

"Don't follow the hype, if you want good food there are hundreds of better options for good food in London, whatever your price range is."

LADbible has reached out to Nusr-Et for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@nusr_et

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