Gen Z Doesn’t Know What Burning CDs Is And Everyone Is Feeling Old

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Gen Z Doesn’t Know What Burning CDs Is And Everyone Is Feeling Old

These days you can sort a playlist on Spotify in minutes. As the night goes on you can change to a different playlist, skip songs depending on the vibe and when someone says 'oh can you play...' it's there in seconds.

That never used to be the case though, as many of us know all too well (80s/90s kids) because back in the day people would burn CDs. It would be a tedious task to get the music arranged into the perfect playlist before getting it all onto a blank disc.

Now the term 'burning CDs' has been brought back up on Twitter and it's sending people into a tizz. There's a mixture of pure confusion mixed with some offended reminiscing.


After posting the tweet: "Wtf is 'burning CDs'," Twitter user @yngthgw followed it up with: "Do you put it in fire?" And the crowd goes wild...

In response, one person called out the ignorance of younger generations, writing: "Main difference between GenZ & all generations before them: GenZ has no desire to learn anything about previous generations.

"Millennials never walked around like 'WTF is a vinyl WTF is an 8track' We weren't [sic] shallow enough 2 think that our current world was the only 1 to ever exist."

Another person wrote: "Absolutely not! You need to google this s*** and apologize to a whole generation."


Giving more of a helpful explanation, someone wrote: "You used to be able to download songs illegally and then put them on a CD you could make from your PC.


"This was before cars had an AUX and iPods were too expensive for most people to afford and a phone required special headphones to plug-in to listen to the 20 songs it could hold."

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