Optical Illusion Divides The Internet With Some Seeing Beach And Others Seeing Car Door

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Optical Illusion Divides The Internet With Some Seeing Beach And Others Seeing Car Door

An optical illusion that has been posted on TikTok has been confusing social media users, with some seeing a beach and others a car door. See for yourself:


The image, which has recently resurfaced after previously going viral, looks like a moody beach scene to start with, with what seems to be a dark, cloudy sky and waves rolling in over the sand.

However, that's not what we're actually looking at, as TikTok user @HecticNick kindly explained to us.


As you can see from the video, it's actually the bottom of a rusty car, and once you realise it, you won't unsee it.

That is, unless you are like these TikTok users, whose imaginations have really run away from them.

One just didn't have a clue what was going on, writing: "I can see both and my mind is confused."

Another person's mind was elsewhere, asking: "Who else thought it was the moon?"


Erm, nobody pal.

A third person must have been looking at something else, saying: "Am I the only one that saw two snakes?"

Your answer is yes, my friend.

The picture was posted to Twitter previously and also appeared on a Reddit thread, with people all over the internet trying to make sense of what they were looking at.


One person wrote: "Holy s**t I could only see the beach and didn't know what I was supposed to be looking at," while another added: "There's even a ship in the distance, what the f**k?"

Don't think there is, mate.

A third was adamant, saying: "It's a garage door/garage gate".


Trying to assist those who weren't sure what they could even see, one helpful person said: "Don't know if this will help or if you were kidding, but I'll try and explain it.

"The dark blueish sky is the tailgate closed, the water below that is the rear bumper I believe, and it's silver and there is a chip in the middle, then below that is the ground."

Another recent viral optical illusion saw the unfortunate placement of a stranger's arm make one woman's sunny beach snap look a lot more X-rated than it actually is.



TikTok user Madi Marotta (@madimarotta) posted a video about the time she'd tried to take a 'cute pic' on South Beach in Miami, having posed in the sunshine in a yellow bikini top and white bottoms.

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