​Donald Trump Still ‘Future’ Of Republican Party, Son Trump Jr Says

​Donald Trump Still ‘Future’ Of Republican Party, Son Trump Jr Says

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Spinning House Optical Illusion Has People Baffled In Viral TikTok Video

Spinning House Optical Illusion Has People Baffled In Viral TikTok Video

A spinning house optical illusion is baffling people on TikTok. Watch here:

Hazel Ann uploaded the clip to her TikTok channel and it has gone viral, amassing 1.6 million views.

She captioned the video: "This spinning optical illusion house always trips me out."


And judging from the comments, Hazel ain't the only one tripped out by the house.

Commenting on the video, one person said: "I watched this so many times and I have no idea what I'm seeing."

Another commented: "Proof we live in a simulation."

A third added: "I would simply crash every time."


The house is located in a field near Bankstown Airport, near Sydney, and was created by artist Regina Walters.

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Viral Optical Illusion Is Confusing TikTok Users

According to Hidden Sydney, 'Camoufleur' (or 'the trippy spinny house', as it is known on TikTok) is a recreation of a disguised airplane hangar and a 1940s styled home in black and white, using camouflage 3D optical illusions.

A post on the Hidden Sydney Instagram page said: "The concept is derived from the work of the Sydney Camouflage Group led by Zoologist William Dakin. Made up of artists including Max Dupain and Frank Hinder, the group worked at Bankstown Airport during WWII.


Optical Illusion Leaves People Baffled Over Mystery Fourth Person

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"They used experimental camouflage design techniques and methods to disguise, decoy and deceive the attackers. The work is also an adaption of Roy Lichtenstein's illusion house series, using some of the group's optical trickery through similar elements of deception.

"In 2009, the artwork was unveiled at the Tower Road and Henery Lawson Drive entrance to Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown. At the same time, the 'Crosscurrents - Georges River Artwalks' Project was launched to commemorate Bankstown's developments from its original Aboriginal inhabitants, early colonial settlement and immigrations to present.

"The project is made up of six artworks representing stories relating to events that occurred along the river's foreshores. Regina Walter's other work includes sculpture, installation, film and photography, with exhibitions nationally and internationally."

The other day, people were losing their heads over an inadvertent optical illusion.


The photo showed what appeared to be a figure walking into some snowy looking woods, but on closer inspection it turned out the man was in fact a black poodle. Some people simply refused to believe it, though.

You can see it here and make your own mind up.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hazelannm

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