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Toddler Sees Rain For The First Time In Drought Stricken South Australia

Toddler Sees Rain For The First Time In Drought Stricken South Australia

When you grow up in some parts of Australia, you get to experience a bunch of things that are considered normal. You learn to walk, speak, interact with your surroundings and definitely stay away from those pesky electrical sockets.

While you get to do all those things virtually anywhere in the world, there are some places in Australia where one thing that's considered pretty 'normal' elsewhere doesn't happen all that much: rain.


So you can imagine the delight of a toddler seeing it for the first time in South Australia.

The heartwarming moment the 18-month-old from Petina was captured on video as he ran around his farm watching the puddles grow and feeling the drops fall on his tiny head.

Imagine getting to 18 months old and never seeing rain. While it's not like he will have been waiting for a storm since he popped out because, well, he's a baby, but it's still ridiculous.

Jasmine Lee Trezona, who filmed the video, said: "A few showers have gone over since the video which is a big relief for us here as we have been hand feeding our livestock for quite some time now."


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Aussie Toddler Shocked And Happy To See Rain For The First Time

Aussie Toddler Shocked And Happy To See Rain For The First Time

Adelaide has the driest start to the year on ever, with only 17.8mm falling since January 1. The previous record was 19.2mm, which was recorded way back in 1888.

According to Adelaide Now, that weather event dumped 14mm on the capital city.

Bureau of Meteorologist senior climatologist Darren Ray told the paper: "In some locations, like the lower Eyre Peninsula and Yorke Peninsula, you'd call it a break to the season, but a whole lot of other areas only received 5-10mm.

"We're also expecting heavy falls around the Mount Lofty Ranges."

So you can imagine these drops were well appreciated by farmers across the state.

Cummins farmer Joe Dahlitz told Adelaide Now: "It's a great start to the season after a very, very long dry period. I've already sown some feed for the sheep, and I expect that will bounce away now."

Hopefully there can be a few big dumps, that don't affect livestock and crops, which can provide some much needed relief to the people who work tirelessly across our sun-drenched country.

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