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People Are Turning Their Eyebrows Into Bows In New Trend

People Are Turning Their Eyebrows Into Bows In New Trend

This is the latest in a long-line of bizarre eyebrow trends to sweep social media

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Just when you think you've seen every bizarre eyebrow trend another one comes along.

In recent months we've saw halo brows, squiggle brows, weird fish-tail brows and even Christmas brows.

Yes, eyebrows are no longer just hair there to stop sweat and other gross crap from rolling into your eyes, now they have to be a lot more...exciting.

And so, to eyebrow bows, or eyebows as I'm calling them.


Beauty bloggers like Marissa Cooper, pictured, love experimenting with new looks and this one is certainly that. I mean, it's probably a bit much for you to try and attempt before you go to work tomorrow, but you have to admit they're pretty creative.

How has she made them look so hairy?

The concept is said to have come from a German makeup enthusiast called Lisette Scheffle. She told PopSugar she was inspired by all the recent brow trends and wanted to make her own - she says the eyebrows/eyebows are all about being creative, using your imagine and having fun.

However, she is very aware that this isn't a look many people will be copying and going out and about with, telling the publication: "To be honest, I don't think anyone would leave the house like this, but one girl re-created my bow-brow look and told me that it was really funny. It's all about fun and creativity."


Despite them not really having an everyday-appeal, the brows are proving popular over on social media with loads of beauty bloggers getting in on the act and showing off their bows using the hashtag #bowbrows

I hope they do catch on. I really want to see people rocking about with these on their foreheads - imagine being called into a disciplinary meeting in work and the woman from HR has a pair of these, much less scary, right?

Just think how cheery your commute would be if every single person had eyebrows that look like presents. Picture that you're getting told the McFlurry machine is broken again, but the man who tells you has these going on - much better, isn't it?

Come on guys, let's get involved.

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