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This Woman Gave Herself Nose Hair Extensions, For Some Reason

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This Woman Gave Herself Nose Hair Extensions, For Some Reason

When it comes to beauty trends, we have begun to embrace natural beauty and, let's face it; there is nothing more gorgeous than nasal hair. The Ancient Greeks used to worship nasal hair, believing that it had links to fertility and celebrated it as the epitome of womanhood (this might not be strictly true).

This hot new look is bound to put women(and fellas) who don't have enough nasal hair into a spin, wishing that they hadn't spent their teens waxing and plucking the hair up their nose. But don't worry, for now, you can fake it until you make it. Should you wish. Why would you want to? Who knows? But someone has and people like it.

@gret_chen_chen created this amazing new look with some spare fake eyelashes, gluing them onto her nose. It's so easy to do - why would you not try it? Using fake eyelashes on your eyes, pfft.


It's already started to catch on with beauty editors - perfect for Halloween as it looks like you've got spiders crawling out of your nose, like you're a corpse or something.

As it's low maintenance, nose hair extensions are very versatile and office friendly (probably, I don't know). It's definitely a look you could take quite easily from work to the club, especially if that club was having a Halloween or fancy dress night or you don't mind looking like a bit of a weirdo.


Maybe this look will go high fashion. You see all kinds of weird shit on the cat-walk, after all. I mean, if Crocs can catch on, why not spider nostrils?

I'm not sure, from a safety point of view, if you should be putting glue up your nose, so maybe this isn't the best idea Instagram has ever given us, and in all seriousness, when it comes to your nose - do not pluck or wax the hair that lurks up your nostrils. It's there for a reason - to stop you getting sick from inhaling and waxing or plucking it might end in infection, and that truly is gross.


Words Laura Hamiliton

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gret_chen_chen

Topics: Hair and Beauty

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