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Aussie Blokes Are Forking Out Up To $1,000 For Botox On Their Scrotum

Aussie Blokes Are Forking Out Up To $1,000 For Botox On Their Scrotum

A few years ago, men would have never thought about getting Botox, fillers or cosmetic surgery because they thought they were just for women.

But over time, many have jumped on the bandwagon and are getting work done to reverse the signs of aging. Mens Health says there's been a 20 percent jump in blokes getting Botox since 2010.

While most of you will think the only place to get the injections would be your face, there's plenty of other areas and one of those includes your testicles.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Yep, arguably the most sensitive part of a guy's body is being injected with Botox to make it look more appealing. Let's be honest, it's certainly not the prettiest part of a bloke's body but it seems as though some want it looking better.

The procedure has been dubbed 'Scrotox', obviously amalgamating Botox and scrotum, and it costs up to $1,000.

Dr Jayson Oates, principal surgeon and medical director of CALIBRE Clinic, told "The most common reason we have guys asking for Scrotox is because their scrotum is tightly contracted, squeezing up on their testicles and it's painful.

"The relaxation of the scrotum helps the testes to hang a bit lower and offers some relief."


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It can make your balls look less wrinkly and younger. But before you sign yourself up to the nearest clinic, a word of warning.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

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Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand spokesperson Associate Professor Peter Chin told there is a certain risk involved in getting some Scrotox.

"Botox is a medication derived from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, which is actually a toxin used to paralyse nerves in a specific area.


"If you're injecting it into the muscle itself, you're paralysing the localised area, which will relax the scrotum and is relatively safe. But the scrotum is a very vascular organ, and there is a potential risk for the Botox to travel throughout the body if injected incorrectly."

You'd hope the person administering the drug will be well trained in it, especially when they're handling your crown jewels.

Australia is actually becoming quite the plastic fantastic country, with figures from 2017 showing we've overtaken America for the number of cosmetic procedures done every year.

A whopping 500,000 procedures were done, varying from breast augmentations, to face lifts to liposuction. The Botox industry is worth roughly $1 billion in Australia. Not too shabby.

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