Filmmaker Is Selling Calendar Year Of Farts For $400

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Filmmaker Is Selling Calendar Year Of Farts For $400

A filmmaker has been flogging a calendar year worth of farts for around $400 (£290) and it's known as a 'Master Collection'.

Alex Ramírez-Mallis, a filmmaker and artist from New York City, claimed in a Reddit AMA that he is currently selling fart non-fungible token (NFGs).

If you weren't aware, an NFG is a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain. They represent a unique digital item, and thus they are not interchangeable.


Alex told the New York Post he'd joined forces with four friends to collate the 52-minute long year of farts, and added that he could pretty much identify each group member by their farts alone once the year was up.

His Master Collection sold for 0.2415 Ethereum ($447), while individual recordings tend to sell for 0.05 Ethereum ($92).

Asking Alex a question on his Reddit AMA, one person wrote: "How long had you been recording the farts before you had the idea to sell them, and did anyone know that you were doing it?"

He responded: "One calendar year (as of March 12). My SO [significant other] knew. She is disgusted."


Another user - we should point out that this person has a username 'sh**tnado' - suggested: "Do you think we should collab?" To which Alex asked: "Do you fart a lot?" Something tells me that they might, yes.

Credit: Alex Ramírez-Mallis
Credit: Alex Ramírez-Mallis

Asking the question many of us wanted to know the answer to, one person said: "Much too ambiguous my bro. I don't think my brain has enough ridges to comprehend what the f*** I just read. I tried to understand the primer but it was a tangent."

They went on to add: "What the hell is an NFT?"


Alex nicely answered: "The question everybody is asking! NFTs have great potential, but in the context of art, thing of them like digital ownership certificates.

"Only as far as I know, you don't really get ownership (e.g. copyright) of the actual art. Mostly you just get clout, the possibility to resell at profit, and the ability to support artists directly."

If you haven't already seen by now, this isn't the only person who owns farts that happen to be somewhat in demand.

Emma Martin, 48, a former travel agent, has been 'flatulence camming' since 1999 and now charges $4.99 (£3.60) a month for people to view her exclusive bottom-burping content.


The mum-of-two who makes over $4,000 (£2,900) a month flogging the clips says her diet is specifically designed to help her perform.

That's enough for one day now.

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