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Bloke Creates Avocado Stick To Make Your Brunch Easier

Stewart Perrie

| Last updated 

Bloke Creates Avocado Stick To Make Your Brunch Easier

Featured Image Credit: Unnecessary Inventions/Facebook

There's no denying that avocados are God's gift to earth. Not only are they goddamn delicious but they're also packed full of nutrients, fatty acids and fibre.

Of course, something that good has to be bad in some way, shape or form, right? Well, it's no secret that they're not cheap (hello Boomers, yes we still can't afford to buy a home) and they're also kind of dangerous if you're prone to accidents.

Avocados are also a bit of a fuss: you have to get it just right and when that window of 10 minutes rolls round, you have to scoop it out and mash it up for your brunch.

But one bloke is here to make your life much easier.


Introducing the Avocado on a Stick, from Unnecessary Inventions Facebook page, who has also brought you such delights like beanies for your fingers, AirPod chopstick holder and a burrito neck holder.

Even though there are tons of retailers who have avo tubes with mashed goodness ready to go, who wouldn't want to smear their green stuff onto some toast or add it to eggs in the shape of a roll on deodorant stick?

Well, it seems like not that many people.

After posting a video of the stick in action on social media, people have been quick to slam it.

"I love avocados but this is not acceptable. If only Mother Nature gave avocado it's own packaging. Oh wait she does and it takes like five seconds to open it this takes laziness to another level," wrote one user.

Another said: "I love avocado however this is repulsive."

Credit: Unnecessary Inventions/Facebook
Credit: Unnecessary Inventions/Facebook

A third added: "Replaced fresh avocados with mashed ones in a plastic throwaway container, with all that's washing up on our shores! Good one!"

"Somehow, someway I know I'll end up with avocado in my armpits if I ever bought this," wrote a fourth.

So it seems like people don't want easily accessible avocado because, well, it doesn't look all that appetising.

But it would stop the horrible cases of avocado hand happening across the world. A woman recently sliced an artery, severed a nerve and plunged a knife into her own hand while trying to cut open an avo.

Melissa's hand during surgery. Credit: SWNS
Melissa's hand during surgery. Credit: SWNS

The 46-year-old was horrified when the 10cm paring knife slipped and ripped into the flesh of her left hand as she prepared a salad.

"It went halfway through my palm. It made a sound like when the killer stabs someone in a horror movie," said Melissa.

Avocado-related lacerations - aka 'avocado hand' - are becoming so common that The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons recently called for safety labels to be placed on the fruit.

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Stewart Perrie
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