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New Footage Shows Three UFOs Flying Past The Moon, UFOlogist Claims

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New Footage Shows Three UFOs Flying Past The Moon, UFOlogist Claims

The conspiracy theorists are at it again - this time they reckon three alien spacecrafts have been caught on camera flying past the moon. Proof, surely, that aliens exist and are on their way to sort out planet Earth?


YouTube account Terry's Theories shared a clip which shows three fast moving objects pass over the moon, followed by a single 'craft' a few seconds later.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a poorly Photoshopped attempt to try and convince us aliens exist? Who knows.


But, in the comments section some people - or doubters - have said the three UFO could be birds.

However, one viewer wasn't convinced, writing: "This is one of the better videos I've seen. They definitely don't seem to be birds and appear to be flying in formation. The video quality is also particularly good in this one. Nice find!"

A second added: "Those first three were kind of in a triangle shape and then we have that one off to the right by itself. Space junk doesn't fly in formation lol. That was a very clear video good find."

While a third summed up my feelings by writing: "It could be anything." Well, yes.


Meanwhile, UFOlogist Scott C Waring, took to ET Database to say: "No visible propulsion, wings, or tails which rules out birds. As the UFOs approach the edge of the moon, they tighten closer together.

"That made me think birds until I made the close up and saw the truth. These are three alien ships."

So that's that then. Alien ships.

The latest 'UFO fleet' comes just weeks after one was spotted in the US. Bizarre footage caught by William Guy, who was aboard a ferry at the Pamlico Sound lagoon, shows 14 lights hovering above the sea.



In the clip, Guy can be heard saying: "Look, nothing in the sky, at all."

The lights then come into shot and he adds: "Can anybody tell me what that is? We're in the middle of the ocean, on a ferry. There's nothing around, no land, no nothing." No, pal, it's aliens. Thanks for sharing.


In response to the clip, one armchair-expert chipped in: "The outer orbit of the Earth is swarming with alien advanced craft. Earth is under heavy observation."

Brilliant. Well, I'm sure that will end well.

Featured Image Credit: Terry's Theories

Topics: Weird, YouTube

Claire Reid
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