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Grandma, 84, Quits Tinder To Find Love After Decades Of One Night Stands

Grandma, 84, Quits Tinder To Find Love After Decades Of One Night Stands

People use dating apps for many different reasons: some want to build friendships in a new city, others prefer hook-ups with no strings attached, a few are seeking something serious.

But one woman - who has been dubbed 'Tinder Gran' - has vowed to ditch the hook-up app and find her one true love.

At 83 years old, Hattie 'Retroage' Wiener, from New York, is no stranger to dating. The mother of two (and grandmother of three) divorced in her 50s and has spent nearly 30 years on the dating scene - but as she's gotten older, the men she dates have gotten younger.


After her initial success on Tinder, she has now decided to get rid of the app in the hope of meeting someone more long-term - though he still needs to be at least 20 years younger than her.

Hattie said: "What I would desire from my life is a partner - one that's turned on by me, and I'm turned on by him. So I would want a man, I would guess that's 60.

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"[With] Tinder I see them and we do become attracted to each other, and I could see that we'll have a good night together. Then I don't hear from them again. Pretty much I've become a woman who gets hooked up even though that was not my intention.

Credit: Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Credit: Barcroft Media via Getty Images

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"The oldest man from Tinder was 60 and he was really good, I saw him once. It was a good match, it was excellent, but again, they did not want to get that attached and have a relationship with a woman my age.

"It's very rare that a young man will pick a much older woman and live with her, that's rare. But I learned a lot from Tinder. You learn a lot [about] who you really are.

"And I did find that all of them were good experiences, different. And I learned that men are people instead of potential hard d***s or orgasm givers or g-spot geniuses.

"They would describe themselves as caring, compassionate, warm, loving and they had those qualities. But finally I said, 'Look, I can't just keep saying yes to what I don't really want. I really want one man.'"

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