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Humanoid Sea Creature Found Alive And Kicking On Chinese Beach

Humanoid Sea Creature Found Alive And Kicking On Chinese Beach

The footage has prompted mystery and bafflement online as people try to decipher the video and guess at what the creature might be

A "bizarre humanoid" sea creature has been found "alive" on a beach in China.

The strange creature was reportedly found floating near to the shore. Locals were baffled as to what it could be and were hesitant to approach, before one bloke wandered over and picked it up to get his friend to record some footage of it.

Bizarrely, the creature, which appears to roughly resemble a massive flat baby, starts moving its limbs and head.

The video was posted online where it was picked up by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'The Hidden Underbelly', where it has amassed thousands of views.

The video's description reads: "This strange looking creature was found floating along the shore of this beach in China.

"While the man who found this creature is holding it up to show his friend we can see it moving its legs. The creature seem to have an human like head with some sort of arms and legs.

"In my opinion this could be a new species of sea life or a mutated starfish." (sic)

YouTube / The Hidden Underbelly

Viewers were also mystified as to what the creature in the weird video could be.

"Now this one is freaky. Interesting, to say the least," one person said.

"That is so freaky looking! Even has an eye looking thing," another said.

Others pointed out a striking resemblance to the gingerbread man, while another said it looked like God had stepped on it.

British zoologist Karl Shuker said: "[It's] quite possibly a mass of sponge, which the man holding it may have modified in shape so as to look vaguely humanoid." Well, that's us told.

And he wasn't the only one to implicate the man holding the creature in what might yet appear to be some captivating hoax.

One commenter said: "Looks like something he made out of sponge, look at his hand on the back of head, fingers folded in squeeze and forces 'movement'. Cute puppet though."

Something does seem fairly suspicious about the way the bloke's maniacally grinning his face off as he apparently tortures this big weird humanoid thing, holding it up by its 'neck'.

Either that, or it's just a sponge. 

Featured Image Credit: The Hidden Underbelly

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