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Manager reads out employee's very personal reason for missing shift aloud to fellow workers

Manager reads out employee's very personal reason for missing shift aloud to fellow workers

He exposed their putrid excuse for not being in work

Pretty much everyone has had to call in sick from work at some point or another, though whether they were really sick is another question.

We all need to take time off and recover now and then, but sometimes people plan on using sick leave for other things.

Even if there's a smattering of people who call in sick just so they can have the day off, most of us use them because something is seriously wrong with us and we just can't get into work on the day.

You've got to let your manager know you're not feeling up to it and give them the general gist of why you can't make it in, but sometimes there is such a thing as being too descriptive.

That's what one manager discovered when he got a sick note from a worker, but people have been discussing whether he was right or not to read the sick note aloud to everyone else.

He read out the exact reason why someone couldn't make it into work.

TikToker @thecflife recently had an employee who called in sick and went into a very detailed description of their symptoms.

In a video which ended up going viral he lifted the lid on the gory details so everyone would know the reason why they couldn't be in work.

He said: "On today's reason why somebody doesn't make it to work, 'Hey Matt, I've had some diarrhoea issues since yesterday, and if I have to fart it comes out as water.'

"'I've gone through a couple pairs of underwear from yesterday and even last night so I'm trying to get this taken care of before I come back.'"

There was nothing but the stifled laughter at one of his employees upon hearing of the disastrous deluge of diarrhoea.

We all need a bit of sick leave now and then, but having a horrendous case of the s**ts really does take the cake.
Charday Penn/Getty

However, not everyone saw the funny side as some folks were split over the manager's actions.

"Can we normalize not explaining at all," one suggested, saying they have sick days for a reason and hated feeling guilty over not being in.

Someone else agreed and wondered why the worker felt the need to 'explain in detail', while a third said: "Some of us feel as though we need to fully explain ourselves so we don't look like we are lying."

Many others said they thought the imminent peril of suddenly expelling liquid s**t out of your rear end whenever you felt the need to fart was a very 'legit reason' not to be in work.

Several others took issue with the manager telling everyone the reason their colleague wasn't going to be coming in.

Lots more supported the idea of just being able to say 'I can't come in, I'm sick'.

Featured Image Credit: @thecflife/tiktok

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