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Man in intimate relationship with his car in tears as it's written off after accident

Man in intimate relationship with his car in tears as it's written off after accident

He loved his car more than any man has ever loved a vehicle but it was destroyed in an accident

Back in 2012, an episode of TLC show My Strange Addiction aired which introduced us to Nathaniel and his 'soulmate', a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo he called Chase.

The man said that he had an intimate relationship with his car as they went on long journeys together, with the episode showing him lavishing more love on his car than any man has ever shown an automobile before.

Nathaniel, who passionately kissed the car in the episode, said they had a favourite song and that they'd even had sex, and now we'll move quickly on instead of lingering on that particular point.

The man said it was 'love at first sight' and that he felt an 'instant connection' with the car when he first saw it in 2005, and while many people say that about their cars, they probably don't mean it in the same way as Nathaniel did.

He explained that he didn't know why he felt the way he did about the car but was sure that 'if something happened to Chase my heart would stop'.

Nathaniel had been in an intimate relationship with his car.

Unfortunately for Nathaniel, something did happen to Chase as the car was seriously damaged by an accident during a routine check up and had to be written off.

While he was deeply upset about the whole thing, Nathaniel was able to survive the heartbreak of losing his much loved car, though he was able to keep some things as mementos.

TLC returned to check up on him recently and found that he was coping with his loss by making a bed out of some parts of Chase, with the duvet covers adorned with pictures of the red car that Nathaniel had taken during their time together.

"Unfortunately Chase is no longer part of my life. I think think about it a lot, it breaks my heart that he's not here," he said of losing the car during the episode.

"The bedroom is just a special place and I feel like that was just the perfect place for him, just to have him close to me."

He had some parts of his car made into a bed with a duvet covered in pictures of it.

"The blanket is special to me because it's got a lot of his good pictures on it. Just cute stuff like him getting a bath and us together. You look back and don't realise the things you take for granted until it's too late."

Breaking down into tears at the loss of his car, Nathaniel said he wanted to 'try and keep him in my life'.

While he might never love a car in the same way as Chase, who he said he still thought of every day, he was able to move on and has since got a new car which he also intimately loves.

The My Strange Addiction series has shown audiences all sorts of things including a man addicted to the smell of tuna, a woman who eats four toilet rolls a day and another woman with a mattress eating addiction.

Other episodes featured a woman who couldn't stop eating her dead husband's ashes and a 31-year-old man who would only date women aged 60 or over.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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