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People can't believe man's hilarious answer isn't parody after being asked to quote line from bible

People can't believe man's hilarious answer isn't parody after being asked to quote line from bible

Rap star Jordan McCann had TikTok viewers amused by his response

Some things are just too good to be true - or too funny to be real.

Viral TikToks that are not more than set ups are always doing rounds or hilarious stories circulating on X that - to our disappointment - end up being fake.

And so people just cannot believe this hilarious exchange is real, and have been left wondering whether or not this bloke isn’t giving a parody answer.

Rapper and social media star Jordan McCann was on James English's Anything Goes podcast, which was uploaded to YouTube.

When asked 'Did you read the Bible?' the rapper replies: "Back to front. I've read the Old Testament and the New Testament."

"What was that feeling for you?" the podcast host replies, to which the social media star answers, "Beautiful. There's nothing you can ask me about The Bible now that I can't tell you, and that's not showing off. I'd genuinely like you to do that.

"Anything. Anything you could think of."

Jordan left viewers in bits with his hilarious reply.

The host then asks him: "What is the best verse that stands out to you?" to which Jordan is quick to reply: "The best verse says that if you stop at every dog that barks, you'll never reach your destination."

It is then that a quote from the late UK Prime Minister, Winston Churchill appears on the screen, being that the former politician had previously said: "You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks".

Jordan then gives the most bizarre explanation to his decision.

"That's my favourite verse because it's basically about - you don't stop at every dog that barks, because you'll never reach your destination..."

Jordan is a formerly notorious gangster who turned his life around - following a life of crime some years ago - launching a successful rap career through YouTube.

Despite his brave life change, viewers were quick to flood to the comment section to make note of the hilarious conversation.

The podcast host looked baffled by his answer.

"He probably should have read it back to front," one penned, whilst another joked, "Am glad he explained that verse [laughing emoji]".

A third teased, "Winston Churchill's scripture", whilst another added, "When u gotta explain your answer for 2 marks."

Jordan began writing his first track 'Lifestyle', whilst a resident in prison - a song about his life of crime.

Recalling the moment he performed his first track for his cell mates, he previously told the Manchester Evening News: "I got everybody in the cell and we barricaded the pad and had a listening party.

Jordan had accidentally quoted Winston Churchill.

"We just stayed there until they got all the extra staff to rush in the cell and get every one of us, because we were so hyped.

"All of us got in trouble, they took our tellies, everything, so we had nothing in our cells, but then I heard the song playing on Unity Radio, and that was the most surreal moment."

He continued: "It gives me goosebumps, I was looking out and every man is at his window shouting me, on four levels, that was the maddest feeling because I’m on radio bro, it was mad."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Anything Goes With James English

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